Tea in the Park Café at the Green Point Park

Words: Julie Velosa

The Green Point park really is the jewel in the green belt crown of Cape Town. Its lush green lawns offer a welcoming space within the city and it provides a wonderful area for residents to relax and enjoy the Mother City’s natural beauty.

The park, which was built in 2011, reclaimed previously unused land and turned it into a biodiverse space that showcases the Cape’s indigenous flora, including thousands of species of trees, bulbs, shrubs and plants. The space is a giant playground for children with plenty of open space to run freely, as well as dedicated enclosed play areas and edu spaces.

Being that it is such a hive for families it makes sense that there be access to refreshment, and residents and visitors will love the café – Tea in the Park.

The café has indoor seating that offers respite from the sun if needed and also has outdoor terrace seating that makes the most of the glorious views that stretch across the green expanse of the gardens, right to the waters of Table Bay. Find a shady spot under the umbrellas, recline on one of the funky reclaimed wood benches and take it all in.

Tea in the Park
Tea in the Park Café is operated by the Western Cape’s leading compost supplier ­– Reliance. The idea was to integrate the operation of the café with the park’s vision for sustainability, and who better to partner with than the company responsible for diverting 17 million cubic meters of the City’s green garden and park waste from landfills! In fact, the garden itself is nourished with Reliance compost, so it’s very likely that green waste that leaves the park, in fact returns later and makes its way back into the beds. In total Reliance has transformed the City’s green waste into over 1 000 000 tons of organic compost – now that’s something!

There is a variety of yummy food on offer from sandwiches, salads and wraps, to sweet treats such as cakes and tarts, baked fresh by the kitchen team (the carrot cake is an absolute must!). There is also a selection of reasonably priced treats for little ones to purchase with their pocket money.

Tea in the Park
Tea in the Park

One of the most important things about this collaboration is the combined focus on sustainability and green practices, with recycling being a central focus. Park goers are urged to do the responsible thing and recycle as much of their waste as possible, this includes items brought into the park, as well as items purchased from Tea in the Park.

Tea in the Park

There is also a plan to create a space for educating youth on environmental impacts and concerns, as well as sustainable practices (workshops are available upon request).

We are lucky as Capetonians to have many incredible spaces where we can be surrounded by natural beauty, and the Green Point Park is one of the highlights. It is not only a space for enjoyment but is also an important reminder of how critical environmental preservation is.

When you visit be mindful of the waste you are bringing into the park and don’t be the person who steps over that chip packet blowing in the breeze. Be a conscious citizen and make sure that you make use of the recycling bins to discard trash and most importantly get your kids involved so that they become conscious little citizens too. The park is a city treasure and we look forward to many afternoons enjoying the views and the food at Tea in the Park.

Tea in the Park
Tea in the Park

Tea in Park is open 7 days a week from 09h00-17h00 (weather dependent) Please call to avoid disappointment 060 997 6153 | 0861 888 784
For more information please contact Tea in the Park at tea@reliance.co.za

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