Stellenbosch Reserve Winery Bring Stellenbosch To You

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In South Africa, Stellenbosch and fine wine are inextricably linked. To truly appreciate Stellenbosch, one must do so with a glass of wine in hand. Stellenbosch Reserve is a winery dedicating itself to producing wines that bring the eponymous town to your table and your glass.

Quintessentially Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is a place that evokes dramatic mountains with rolling vineyards, venerable oaks, architectural heritage, and of course, wine. It is a small town that combines a laid-back country lifestyle with world-class wine and food experiences, tourism, and cutting-edge agriculture. All this is captured in the Stellenbosch Reserve wines. Wines with a sense of place and heritage that pair perfectly with the diversity of food in our country.

Each of the wines in the Stellenbosch Reserve range is named after an iconic building of Stellenbosch town. The Cabernet Sauvignon is named after the Ou Hoofgebou of the university, the Syrah after the Kruithuis munitions building, and the Cinsault is named after the stately Stadsaal. These landmarks represent the history of the town in the same way that the wines represent classic varietal expressions of the Stellenbosch terroir. Through a combination of wine and heritage, the Stellenbosch Reserve Range tells a story that is uniquely Stellenbosch as it aims to transport the drinker to the place, filling their mouths and minds with impressions of vineyards, oaks and village life.


The wine would not be representative of Stellenbosch if the grapes weren’t raised on Stellenbosch soil. The grapes for the Stellenbosch Reserve wines are sourced from well-established grape growers, whose properties are located in various appellations within the greater Stellenbosch region. Long-standing relationships with these growers result in consistently high-quality fruit from which to make the wine. In the bottle and your glass, the wine will speak of its home.

Enjoy a tasting of the full range of Stellenbosch Reserve wines at the new Stellenbosch Wine Bar, nestled in the historic centre of the village, on the corner of Church and Andringa, with a view of the beautiful Moederkerk, after which the Chardonnay is named. | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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