Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc 2019

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Stellenbosch Reserve wants you to think of landmarks. Buildings that we don’t need to see to know. A picture of the Eiffel Tower gives an immediate sense of place, along with other impressions. Parisian café, the smell of freshly baked croissants. Imagine, if you will, the Golden Gate Bridge. Even if you haven’t been there, you can still see it in your mind’s eye – the sweeping red suspension bridge extending over the water. You can almost smell the sea and feel the kiss of the Californian sun on your cheek.

On a smaller scale, landmarks in your hometown also strike a note. Returning home from a trip, your eye lands on that building, you know you’re home safe. Walking down that street takes you back to the annual festival and shared memories with family and friends.

Stellenbosch Reserve Pays Homage to Symbolic Landmarks

In Stellenbosch, an old University town that is also South Africa’s unofficial wine capital, the landmarks transport people back to time spent at University or visits paid to the beautiful wine farms of the area. The Ou Hoofgebou where we attended law lectures, the Moederkerk where we got married.


The wines of Stellenbosch Reserve pay homage to these symbolic landmarks that represent the legacy of the town, by representing classic varietal expressions of the Stellenbosch Reserve terroir.

Through a combination of wine and heritage, they tell a story that is uniquely Stellenbosch.

They transport the drinker back to the time they spent in the place, filling their mind with impressions of vineyards and the taste of quality wine.

Stellenbosch Reserve’s Newest Chenin Blanc Is More Than Just Flavour

Their Chenin Blanc is named for the Eersterivier Hangbrug. The walk across the iconic suspension bridge is an experience enjoyed by students and residents alike. Crossing from town to the mountain, it provides instant access to the simple pleasures of outdoor living – fresh air, rushing water, the wild mountainside on their doorstep.

At Stellenbosch Reserve they’re all about the simple pleasures, such as enjoying a chilled glass of the 2019 Chenin Blanc.

Crushing On Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc

This Chenin is a new addition to the Stellenbosch Reserve family. In its second vintage, they’re thrilled to offer a Chenin Blanc in the range, being South Africa’s most planted and diverse variety. It offers so much in terms of styles and winemaking options, but from Stellenbosch it always delivers that wonderful combination of zesty acidity with intense fruit, concentrated under the African sun.

A Chenin That Is Perfect For Any Time Of Day

The Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc 2019 shows fresh citrus on the nose that develops into notes of melon and white pineapple. On the palate is has zesty acidity and bold tropical fruit, with flavours of nectarine and peach adding complexity.

A creamy lemon curd and beeswax texture rounds out the palate, finishing with fresh tropical fruit. Drink as an aperitif, to accompany lighter seafood dishes such as salmon or prawns, or even to pair with a pasta carbonara.

Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc
Hangbrug Chenin Blanc

Where You Can Purchase Stellenbosch Reserve Hangbrug Chenin Blanc

This wine can be purchased at R135 per bottle and can be found online from Port2Port or ordered directly from the cellar by emailing directly.

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