Remos Fratelli

CRUSH VISITS - August 2014

An Italian restaurant, bar and deli that is filled with charm, fun and (best of all) delicious food.

Opening hours:

Waterfall Corner, CNR Maxwell & Woodmead Drives, Sunninghill, Gauteng

011 007 1699 | e w


The fire is roaring and the red wine is flowing …the waiters are dancing around the restaurant, swirling white serviettes above their heads. This is just a snapshot of the vibrant celebration of good food and La Dolce Vita that is Remo’s Fratelli.

New malls often get it wrong when it comes to food, becoming home to soulless franchises rather than unique places to eat. However, Waterfall Corner, the small open-plan mall that is a part of the luxury lifestyle development far north of Jo’burg, has chosen its eateries well.

This is especially true when it comes to Remo’s Fratelli, an Italian restaurant, bar and deli that is filled with charm, fun and (best of all) delicious food.

Warm and inviting from the moment you enter the restaurant, you can choose to sit at a comfy red leather booth, more intimate smaller tables or around the bar counter, perched on a stool, if you just want to grab a quick drink.

With its high ceilings, arched walkways, big fireplace and expansive bar area and kitchen facility, the interior architecture and design of the restaurant reflect a bold, Mediterranean style. The floors are beautiful mosaic tiles, the tables are decorated with empty tomato tins filled with white flowers, and the walls are lined with black and white photographs, prints and art, from the owner’s family collection.

Remo’s has its home in KwaZulu-Natal, and was first opened in Mount Edgecombe in 2007 by brothers Franco (Fratelli) and Renzo Scribante, in memory of their late brother Remo Giuseppe. In 2012 the brothers expanded their business to open Remo’s Villaggio in Umhlanga.

The Waterfall location is the restaurant’s first move outside of KwaZulu-Natal, and it looks like the project has been one of passion and careful planning, ensuring that the eatery is something unique and exciting for Jo’burg diners.

Remo’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week, and you can expect all the Italian classics and more. For starters or for a light lunch, you can enjoy dishes like grilled aubergine marinated in chilli, garlic and olive oil, pan-fried chorizo and potato with red onion and paprika, alongside dishes such as the classic carpaccio and grilled calamari.

On the drinks menu you can find a good selection of local and Italian wines and beers; prosecco and Italian craft beers sit alongside a good variety
(in price and taste) of South African favourites.

As you would expect from an Italian eatery, there is a big selection of pizza and pasta dishes on offer, and the restaurant does both very well. The pasta is made fresh on site, with sauces from the Scribante family’s repertoire of tried and tested recipes, and the pizzas are cooked to perfection in the wood-fire oven.

While my dining partners tucked into a tagliatelle Bolognese and a brie, bacon and cranberry pizza, I tried to stick to my Tim Noakes diet and chose the Mamba Fillet – a grilled beef fillet served with roast vegetables, spinach, zucchini fries and a peppercorn sauce. The steak was succulent and perfectly cooked and the vegetables were fresh and packed with flavour. The zucchini fries, which were lightly battered, gave a good texture to the dish.

It was one of those restaurant experiences that passes by in a blur of laughter and delicious tastes in a gorgeous setting; a highlight of the evening was when the music cranked up and the waiters danced their way around the restaurant. We couldn’t help but join the festivities; we picked up our serviettes and waved them around too.

A wonderful spot for a celebration, or to enjoy a festive evening with friends, Remo’s Fratelli is winning Jo’burg diners over one sip of Prosecco at a time.

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