Picnicking at Boschendal: A Summer Must-Do

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While things are constantly evolving at Boschendal, one thing is constant, and that is their ever-popular picnics. The Werf Garden truly is one of the stars of Boschendal and provides seasonal produce for The Werf restaurant, the Werf and Rhone picnics and the Farm Deli. The Werf picnic area is set up on the vast front lawn, dotted with beanbags and hammocks, and comes complete with a comfy and very chic, striped picnic blanket. Picnicking at Boschendal really is one of the best ways to spend a summer day in the Winelands.

Picnicking at Boschendal

Guests make a reservation prior to their arrival and on the day, pick up their basket and choose from any of the exceptional Boschendal wines on offer. A member of staff then sets up, in a spot of the picnickers’ choosing, and from there all that’s left to do is enjoy the basket of farm-fresh treats, perhaps breaking only to order another bottle of wine. The setting is idyllic, with large oak trees dappling the sunshine and offering privacy to each group languishing on the grass.

Picnicking at BoschendalPicnicking at Boschendal

A Box of Goodness at The Werf

The picnic basket, or more appropriately, the box on offer at the Werf is the perfect culmination of the garden’s bounty and is the ideal light, summer afternoon lunch. It is packed with farm-made goodies of course and this is often driven by what is available in the garden. Expect farm-baked bread, delicious spreads, as well as the farm-fresh butter, and that’s just to start.

The love and care put into the Werf food garden sincerely translates into the salads within the picnic box – fresh, bright, crunchy and full of flavour. The cold meats included in the basket change often, depending on what the farm’s butcher has available. Instead of charcuterie, non-meat eaters will be treated to seasonal dishes that also change dependant on what’s available, but rest assured it will be delicious. On the dairy side of things, guests can expect local cheeses, sourced from farms near Boschendal and for a sweet finish, there’s always something special from the farm bakery.

Rhone Picnics

On the Rhone side, relaxation and stellar food is also the name of the game but in a marginally different setting. The estate has remained loyal to their classic picnic style, with chairs and tables and a slightly more formal service, where there are waiters on hand to replenish glasses and refresh bottles of wine.

As with The Werf picnic, reservations are imperative at the Rhone, so that guests can arrive, be shown to their table straight away and can enjoy their feast hassle-free. Giant oak trees are also prevalent on this side of the farm but somehow seem much more resplendent in the presence of the Rhone’s colonial-style architecture. The atmosphere, however, is just as relaxed and convivial, with no stuffiness at all, despite the more formal arrangement.Boschendal-picnics

Best in the Business

So, whether you’re after a glass of wine and a light lunch in the sun after exploring the Winelands, or you want to kick off your shoes and recline into a hammock, Boschendal has got you covered.

The food is homemade and fresher than any store can offer, the wine is simply some of the best available in South Africa and the attention to detail will have you wondering why you ever tried to picnic anywhere else.

When picnicking at Boschendal, The only difficult decision you will have to make is whether to visit the Rhone or the Werf picnic spots first. Whichever you choose, know that Boschendal picnics are simply the best way to celebrate summer in Franschhoek, and you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Picnicking at Boschendal whats in the box

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