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Laborie offers a versatile range of beautifully handcrafted wines made in the same elegant French style for more than 300 years.

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The Beginning of Laborie

In 1691, the Farm Laborie was granted to French Huguenot, Isaac Taillefert. Already the owner of the neighbouring Picardie, Taillefert placed Laborie in his son Jean’s name. Together, they set about clearing the bush and planting vines, and within seven years, were producing a drinkable wine. In fact, it was the opinion of a Frenchman, Leguat, who visited the Cape in 1698, that their wine was “the best in the colony and similar to our small wines of Champagne”.

300 Years of Elegant French-Style Wine

With their knowledge of French viticultural techniques, the Taillefert family laid a solid foundation of vineyards and outstanding wine production that is evident, over three hundred years later, in Laborie’s wines of distinction. Their timeless selection allows you to experience the enjoyment of a grande way of life.

The Finest Grapes for a Range of Wines

The Laborie wine range, which includes still wines, dessert wine as well as Method Cap Classique, epitomises winemaker Kobus van der Merwe’s passion to craft wines of great quality. They have the ability to source some of the finest grapes from the region. This enables him to produce wines that are bursting with flavour while keeping French elegance and style.

Laborie Brut Rosé
Laborie Rosé

Passionate Winemaker Kobus van der Merwe And Team

Kobus van der Merwe is truly passionate about winemaking. He believes that working with living organisms requires treatment with the utmost care and respect in order to achieve the perfect result.

Being part of the KWV Laborie winemaking team, Kobus feels every day is a learning experience. He feels surrounded by a hardworking team with a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion for the art of winemaking. Kobus regards this experience as helping him reach one of his major goals which is to make a positive contribution to the wine industry.

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