The Best Kind of Sweet at My Sugar Cape Town

Words: Crush

Set on bustling Regent Road in Sea Point, My Sugar Cape Town is a  slice of pure, decadent chocolate joy. Chocolatier duo, Kaylah Greenberg and Asher Isaacs, opened My Sugar with the aim of creating unique, handcrafted chocolates and treats, and they really have created something special.

My Sugar is humble in appearance and has a with a warm and comfortable interior with accents of gold and brown. All of the chocolate creations are made onsite and the pair are constantly experimenting with interesting new flavours and techniques. They serve a selection of hot beverages, such as loose leaf teas, a blend of house coffee, and a decadent, thick hot chocolate.  Their main focus, however, is chocolate and this focused attention yields delicious results.

My Sugar Cape Town

My Sugar Cape Town

With a funky variety of chocolates to choose from, we found it difficult to pick only a few, but for research purposes we sampled several!

Old Man Jack is a smooth, Jack Daniel’s bourbon dark chocolate ganache, there is a tobacco caramel encased in a dark chocolate skull shell and a Caramello Buddha –  a Buddha-shaped milk chocolate shell filled with salty miso-caramel and crushed peanuts. The ‘Caramelised’ also went down a treat – caramelised white chocolate filling inside a milk chocolate shell.

My Sugar Cape Town

If you are particularly adventurous, you should try some of the unique flavour combos such as hazelnut and coriander or honey and thyme. Good news – for those who are diabetic or trying to reduce sugar intake, you can still satisfy that chocolate craving with a large selection of sugar-free chocolate, which is made with Xylitol.

Not only is the My Sugar Cape Town team creating new chocolate flavours, they are also diving into the realm of baking. Imagine a brownie and a cookie met and had a fling, the result would be the My Sugar brownie-cookie hybrid. We hear it’s deadly! Also, try their Cake Jars; a glass jar filled with a multitude of different treats such as creams, cake and ganache.

My Sugar Cape Town

My Sugar is an indulgent place to visit and is great option to pick up a gift for a celebratory occasion or just to spoil someone special. Visitors will find it hard to choose between all of the top class confectionary on offer. Our advice? Whittle the list down by trying them all!

77 Regent Road, Sea Point
Facebook | 021 433 2335

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