Miele K20 000 Refrigerator Blackboard Edition

Words: Crush

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Miele is well-known for it super-slick, high-tech and innovative home appliances and the Miele K20 000 Refrigerator is certainly no exception. With a Blackboard edition Miele brings in a human element that the whole family can enjoy – have fun writing grocery lists, messages to your loved ones about which shelf you stored the ice-cream on or inventory lists so that none of your favourite craft beers mysteriously disappear.

Of course this is still a serious piece of cooling machinery and the K20 000 is described as five star accommodation for your fresh produce and we definitely believe them. If only all vegetables were allowed to enjoy the comforts of the Miele Generation 6000 design, TFT colour displays and touch controls, and A++ or A+++ ratings for energy efficiency.

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Miele leaderboard-banner

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