Whip Up This Mediterranean Orzo with Chicken Thighs

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Roast Chicken Thighs with Mediterranean Orzo

Roast chicken is one of life’s true comfort foods and the juicy thighs are where it’s at. In this recipe, we’re opted to forgo roasting a whole chicken and instead create this delicious dish of golden roasted thighs, with a yummy orzo pasta base.

This is a weeknight meal that the family will love and doubles as a lip-smacking weekend dish – perfect for serving a group of friends.

It couldn’t be easier to prepare and brings together flavours of the Med that we love – juicy Rosa tomatoes bring sweetness, roasted red peppers add a charred savouriness, plump Kalamata olives bring a balance of bitterness and the dish is finished off with creamy feta and freshness from basil. This really is the dish that has it all.

Tomatoes and olives and basil, oh my!

Nice to Meet You Orzo

The name orzo is derived from the Italian word for barley, and this rice-shaped pasta has earned this name because of its shape and resemblance to the grain. If you haven’t ever tried it, you’re really missing a trick, it’s quick to prepare and feels quite light in comparison to its other, more well-known pasta types.

Orzo makes the perfect base for this dish and carries all the flavours of the ingredients so well.

Dress to Impress

Few Mediterranean dishes would be complete without a healthy serving of olive oil. We’ve dressed this orzo with several glugs of Aegean Gold olive oil, which adds to the flavour and complexity.

Since 2004 Aegean Gold olive oil has been awarded more than 40 distinctions in international competitions. The oil is typical of Lesbos and is mainly produced from the Kolovi variety, which gives it a strong fruity character. Also included in the blend is Adramytiani and Latholia olives, which give aroma, texture and a balanced flavour.

Get the recipe for this dish of Roast Chicken Thighs with Mediterranean Orzo

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