Local Artisans to Support in Cape Town

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As South Africans, we’re used to hopping in our cars and going to one of the main supermarket chains to get all of our groceries. From meat, to milk, to bread, supermarkets stock it all and eliminate the need to go to local artisans. There is little charm in supermarket shopping, in fact there is little choice too, as contradictory as that sounds. Walking into a supermarket doesn’t provide you with choice, or nuance, it just provides you with the same product you bought last week. Inspiring? We think not.

I dream of a world where my local butcher phones me up excited about a particular cut of meat they have in stock, or when my cheese monger, knowing my love of blue cheese, keeps a special piece aside for my next visit. Cape Town has a few incredible local artisans who rely on our support to keep them open and trading. Next time you’re looking for a more personal experience, with regards to your meat, cheese or bread, try these gems out.

Gardens Continental Butchery

german butcher kloof
german butcher kloof

A quintessential butchery that’s been around since 1986, the German Continental Butchery is a marvel of artisanship. Uwe Hansen is a wonderfully friendly and helpful butcher, clearly passionate about meat, which makes the experience of supporting him so much more gratifying. All the biltong, droëwors, beef, chicken and poultry are prepared in-house and if you’re looking for something specific, or for a cut of meat to be prepared in a certain way, he is all too happy to help and offer advice.

If you don’t know much about meat, going to a butcher and asking advice will only make your cooking and eating experience more enjoyable. You just don’t get this type of quality, service or variety from a supermarket.

Top tip: Go for the meat, but stay for the biltong. It’s the best around.

120 Kloof Street, Gardens | 021 423 6944

South Yeaster Bakery

A new local hole-in-the-wall in Hout Bay offering delicious pastries and sourdough loaves,  this family-run artisanal bakery was started by siblings Brode and Amber Gleeson. Brode is a master baker, having spent some time baking for Jason’s Bakery, and gained popularity after selling loaves and pastries from Valley Road in Hout Bay and for delivery to Cape Town’s city bowl.

They’ve recently made the move into a small space on The Promenade in Hout Bay and are open from Wednesday to Sunday, until they sell out. You may have to stand in a queue, but the sourdough alone is worth the wait, not to mention his delectable traditional French pastries. If you’re not from the area, it’s a lovely Saturday morning activity!

5 The Promenade, Hout Bay | southyeaster.co.za | Instagram

The French Market La Cremerie

french marketThe French Market in the Garden Centre in Cape Town, specialises in gourmet French products but particularly in French regional cheeses. Each product is hand selected by the owner to ensure both high quality and taste. You’ll find soft rind, like Brie or Camembert, firm textured cheese that’s been aged for months, blue-veined cheese like Roquefort and goat’s cheese. If you’re a cheese lover, take a spin past this quaint shop and see what you’ve been missing out on.

Shop 5b (Upper Level) Gardens Shopping Centre, Upper Buitenkant St| 083 300 6725 | frenchmarket.co.za

Looking for more independent, sustainable grocers to try out? Have a look at this guide to plastic-free shopping spots.

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