Let the Miele Scout RX1 Robovac Do Your Cleaning For You

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Miele’s Scout RX1 robovac has changed the way people clean there homes and it’s easy to understand why. The new-age vacuum is characterised by smart navigation, good cleaning performance and the excellent charge and durability of its lithium-ion battery pack. The Scout RX1, which Miele developed in collaboration with a young Korean robotics specialist, incorporates a systematic navigation procedure, meaning that it covers the area to be cleaned in parallel tracks instead of randomly crisscrossing the room using a chaotic navigation, the more common approach adopted by the majority of models.

The Scout RX1’s navigation system achieves more reliable coverage and saves time and battery power. Furthermore, complex floor plans involving several rooms can be vacuumed in their entirety, including return trips to the base on completion of the task as well as for recharging. Miele’s Smart Navigation relies on a gyro sensor, which measures rotation and changes in direction. It is also fitted with a high-quality digital camera on board, which serves to scan the ceiling of the room several times a minute to ensure additional precision and the interplay of these two technologies guarantees that the perimeters of rooms and difficult-to-access areas are cleaned without gaps. The sensors on the unit scan all areas surrounding it to avoid collisions with furniture and other obstacles, as well as preventing it from falling down stairs.


By making use of three different brushes, particularly effective cleaning is guaranteed by Miele’s “Triple Cleaning System”, which targets difficult areas along the walls of rooms or along items of furniture and picks up any particles into the designated dust box. Four cleaning programmes guarantee maximum cleaning convenience, depending on your cleaning requirements.

Overall, a battery charge is able to clean an area of up to 150m², corresponding to a duration of approximately 120 minutes. When cleaning larger areas, the unit pauses as and when it needs to return to its base for recharging. Work is automatically resumed after approximately 2 hours at the precise point where cleaning was interrupted earlier.

The Scout RX1 has good traction on all common floor coverings and is even able to negotiate height differences of up to 2cm, for example thresholds and the edges of rugs. The Scout RX1 is started either at the controls on the unit itself, using the remote control handset or by programming the timer to start and finish at pre-defined times and the design is both high-quality and elegant. Treat your floors to the Scout RX1 robovac, which retails for R9 999,00.

For more information visit miele.co.za.

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