Have a Cuppa for CANSA this October

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According to the 2009 National Cancer Registry, 1 in 33 women in South Africa are at a lifetime risk for breast cancer. That’s a scary statistic and means that the likelihood of each of us either being at risk, or knowing someone diagnosed with this disease are extremely high. 

October is International Breast Cancer Awareness month and this important topic should be top of mind for all. There are various initiatives that raise awareness around this subject as well as raise funds that go towards fighting this disease and helping those affected to recover and return to their lives.

Host a Tea

Cuppa for CANSA is a fundraising initiative that allows everyone to get involved in raising both awareness and funds. Get together with friends or colleagues, enjoy a cuppa of something and collect funds to donate to CANSA. Be sure you use the hashtag #CuppaForCANSA and share your event on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. There are great prizes up for grabs. Check out our baking section for some inspiration of what to make for your own Cuppa event.

Go out for Tea

If hosting or organising a tea is not possible, why not go out an enjoy a cuppa at any one of the number of great little cake and tea spots around? Gather a group of girls, pick a spot and enjoy a slice of something delicious. Get all your guests to donate something and give the collected amount to the Cuppa for CANSA campaign. Check out our selection of places to go for a slice of cake

During October we salute all the survivors of this disease and urge everyone to contribute in whatever way possible to any one of a number of amazing organisations that work tirelessly in fighting this disease. 

Reach for Recovery  

Helen Harder Foundation  

Pink Drive 

Great Lengths  

Cancer Buddies 

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