Get to know CPT Based Brew, Happy Culture Kombucha

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As we see an increasing rise in interest about gut health, kombucha has been at the forefront of it all. This fermented tea has already made the list as one of the top 2020 food trends.

Happy Culture Kombucha Background

Inspired by its incredible benefits for gut health, the founders of Happy Culture, Manon Colmant and Mark Jones, have harnessed its properties to produce a range of exceptional happy Culture kombucha beverages. Drawing on their Cap Classique and Champagne backgrounds, they set about creating brews which are beautifully balanced on the palate and have a low sugar, dry style, with a delicate, but lively effervescence.

‘We have chosen to use a 100% green tea base, which leads to a style that is fresh, clean and elegant. We use mineral water and high-quality ingredients to ensure our cultures stay healthy and happy, resulting in delicious tasting ferments. All our brews are true to this signature style and each blend offers a unique expression of flavour and aromatic sensations.’


Kombucha’s Beneficial Properties

Happy Culture kombucha’s properties include gut-loving probiotics, organic acids, antioxidants, vitamins and digestive enzymes, which all work to improve gut flora, boost immunity and vitality, and balance and detoxify the body. Making this the perfect beverage to kick-start a healthy new year.

Manon and Jones note, ‘The gut plays an important role in overall wellbeing. It can help control everything from our digestion, to mood and brain. In short, a healthy gut is key to a happier life. We must therefore have a holistic and integrative approach when looking to heal and optimise our gut health.’

Happy Culture Kombucha
Happy Culture Kombucha
How Kombucha Can Improve Your Overall Happiness

There’s a buoyant positivity that underpins Happy Culture and Manon and Mark imbue ‘happy vibrations’ into their products using the radiant effects of Himalayan salt lamps, 432 Hz music and Rose Quartz crystals.

“Yes, a whole lot of good vibes are present. We have aimed to create a perfect environment for our cultures to thrive. We hope that our Happy Culture kombucha brews will carry this happiness frequency all the way to those who drink them.”

Happy Culture Kombucha General Information

Stockists: Wellness Warehouse, Pick n Pay, Spar, Food Lover’s Market, Faithful to Nature, Vida e Caffe, Ou Meul bakery, Organic Zone + many other coffee shops, convenience and health stores, farm stalls, delis and restaurants around South Africa.

Price: 340ml bottle : R24.99 – R30.00 | 850ml bottle : R55.00 – R62.00 | FacebookInstagram

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