Fresh Brew: Aegir Crush IPA

Words: Karl Tessendorf

Say Hello to your Summer Beer Fling
Spring has sprung, summer is here, and Aegir’s new seasonal IPA is about to crush your tastebuds with a citrus superplex off the top rope. Yes Crush IPA is here and this time brewer, Rory Lancellas, says he’s not messing around. She’s fruity, feisty and she’s got enough bitterness to make your tongue do a 180 flip with every sip.

Aegir is known for their big IPAs and this might just be the biggest one yet. It was inspired by the UK’s Magic Rock Brewing and their Highwire Grapefruit pale ale.

The zest from over 40 kilograms of grapefruit and naartjie was added to the brew before it was dry hopped to the hilt. The result is a citrus bomb that’s packed full of bitter grapefruit, tart naartjie, candied orange, and subtle lime flavours.

It sits around the 75 IBU mark and while it is intense on the palate, it’s not overwhelming. The disciples of our Holy Hophead Church are going to love this one.

To properly appreciate the intensity of this beer, I’ve opted for a Rastal Craft Master One (available to purchase HERE). It’s been designed by some very clever German folks specifically for drinking beer. From stem to lip the glass is about providing the best experience possible. The stocky base is comfortable and easy to grip. The chimney design rockets aromas up the glass and provides ample surface area for you to admire the colour of your brew. The refined, flared lip ensures comfortable drinking and I think that even the Norse god, Aegir would approve of this vessel.   

The most exciting thing about Aegir Project and Rory is the constant evolution. It’s something he lives by and it’s the reason for the ‘Project’ in the name. The project has to evolve to stay alive and judging by the run that Aegir has had, the project is not only surviving, it’s thriving. It’s been a great year for seasonal beers in South Africa and three of them have come from the little brewery in Noordhoek, Cape Town.  

Did you know…? Aegir was the Norse god of the sea that brewed beer in a one mile deep and one mile wide pot that was given to him by Thor. | Facebook | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

A big thanks to The Village Idiot for hosting this edition of Fresh Brews.

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