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Miele Article BannerThere’s no doubt that for us foodies, the festive season is a lot about what we’re eating. The holidays are the perfect time to try out new recipes and create things that our family and friends love to eat. Festive food has to push the boat out a bit and so to inspire you, we’ve created four fabulously festive recipes that are sure to knock the socks (or Christmas stockings) off your guests

Four Fabulously Festive Recipes

Chevin and Cream Cheese Truffles with Melba Toast

When preparing food for party guests over the holiday season there are a couple of key factors – simple dishes that are easy to prepare that can be made ahead of time are always great options. These truffles fit that bill; they’re super easy to make and can be refrigerated until ready to serve, you can then just pop them on a platter and put out to be gobbled up.

Festive season gold!

If you’re short on prep time you can serve with your favourite crackers, or if you have a little spare, you can make your own easy melba toasts. The Christmassy colours are the final tick, making these truffles festive season gold!

Recipe for Chevin and Cream Cheese Truffles with Melba Toast

Savoury Blue Cheese Cheesecake

The cheesecake you’re used to is usually a dessert course but in this instance, it’s a great savoury dish, perfect for your festive party. A decadent combo of rich blue cheese, cream cheese and herbs makes up the filling for this beauty, it’s then baked to perfection before being loaded up with complementary toppings.

A soon-to-be party favourite!

We’ve opted for baby beets, preserved figs and caramelised onions but you can use your imagination and create the combo of your dreams. The sweetness provided by the figs and onions is the perfect balance to the rich cheesy filling, with walnuts providing crunch and microgreens for freshness. We think this cheesecake has the potential to become a party favourite.

Recipe for Savoury Blue Cheese Cheesecake

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Festive Black Forest Pavlova

Pavlova is one of the most underrated desserts out there. It’s perfect for our summery Christmas celebrations as it’s light yet rich, so a small portion of deliciousness goes a long way.

For this one, we’ve been inspired by another one of our fav desserts, a classic Black Forest Gâteau. We’ve used cherries and chocolate to create this marbled beauty and added an extra level of indulgence with malted puffs and a sprinkle of edible gold dust! Don’t fear meringue, it’s actually really easy to make and we have some really helpful tips right here.

Recipe for Black Forest Pavlova

No Churn Mince Pie Ice Cream

Mince pies are a bit like Marmite – notoriously polarising, you either love them or hate them. We are for sure on the love-them side of the fence and we dig this festive inspired ice cream with chunks of pie inside.

A creamy ice cream chock full of festive flavour at a summery Christmas celebration is a win-win for us. The best part is that you don’t need a fancy machine to make this no-churn version and it’s just as yum as the real thing.

Recipe No-churn Mince Pie Ice Cream

Braaing over the festive season, see these amazing braai sides that will take your next gathering from good to totally awesome!

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