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Miele Article BannerA braai is so much more than cooking a selection of meat over perfectly lit coals – it’s a way of life here in SA. A braai is a meeting place for friends and family, a time to gather round the fire and share stories, food and plenty of wine and beer.

No braai would be complete without a selection of yummy braai sides but the time has come to upgrade from that go-to Greek salad. We’ve created four fab new braai sides to ensure your Heritage Day is a memorable one, these have all been prepared in the kitchen to ensure that your braai grid has plenty of space for your mains.

Four Bountiful Braai sides for Heritage Day

Chargilled Spring Onion, Pea & Asparagus Salad with Jalapeño Vinaigrette

Braai Sides

Often we’re guilty of chopping the green tops off our veggies and discarding them but it’s totally unnecessary, there’s so much flavour and nutrients in those greens. In this recipe, the whole spring onion is charred and wilted over a hot grill and the result is so yum. This gorgeous green salad is so easy to make and makes for a really unique and tasty way to serve your greens.

The jalapeño vinaigrette packs some punch and is the perfect dressing for those grilled spring onions and asparagus. Top with crunchy pistachios and Parmesan shavings and this salad is the perfect companion to your braai mains.

Recipe for Chargrilled Spring Onion, Pea & Asparagus Salad with Jalapeño Vinaigrette

Grilled Aubergines with Tomato, Rocket and Goats Cheese

Braai Sides

These beautiful little aubergine disks are like mini reconstructed melanzane-style mouthfuls. The warm charred aubergines are topped with fresh rocket, crunchy baby tomatoes, a sprinkle of goats cheese, toasted sunflower seeds and a drizzle of olive oil.

These elements are easily interchangeable – so if goats cheese isn’t your jam, swap this out for some feta. Same goes for the rest of the parts – you can use basil leaves and pine nuts as variations as well, don’t be afraid to mix it up a little.

Recipe for Grilled Aubergine with Tomato, Rocket and Goat Cheese

Mustard Cream Vertical Potato Bake

Braai Sides

You can’t really mention braai sides without potato bake, can you? It’s the quintessential golden, cheesy, bubbling braai-side. For those who don’t like potato bake, you can turn around and go home because who are you even?!

This snazzy mash-up on the original potato bake swaps classic horizontal ‘tato slices for vertical sliced spuds and adds in the most dreamy creamy mustardy filling. The crunchy top and soft velvety bottom is pretty much heaven on earth.

Recipe for Mustard Cream Vertical Potato Bake

Tomato, Olive and Basil Pesto Focaccia

Braai Sides

This focaccia is the most drool-worthy portion of carbs we’ve ever laid our eyes and hands on. Expect tears, tantrums and truculent behaviour over who gets the last slice of this crispy golden slab of love.

While this masterpiece may require some time and patience to create, it’s also guaranteed to be inhaled within minutes of coming out of the oven.

Recipe for Tomato, Olive and Basil Pesto Focaccia

For more braai-side inspo, check out our round-up of delish braai salads and sides you can make in addition to these ones. | Facebook

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