Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas for 2017

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Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas

Treat someone you love to a specialty crafted spirit this festive season. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourites that include both local and international brands. Whether you’re looking to buy something for the really serious connoisseur, or just the friend that loves something new, we’ve got a great selection of fine spirits Christmas gift ideas.

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas SCOTTISH COUSIN

Scottish Cousin 12-Year-Old Whisky

The well-known Four Cousins brand has a Scottish member of the family that you want to get to know this holiday season. Scottish Cousin is a range of premium Scotch whisky, crafted and bottled in Scotland. What makes it extra special is its maturation. While many producers are moving away from guaranteed age statements on their bottles as a result of soaring international demand, Scottish Cousin offers three variants, aged to perfection. For the whisky connoisseur in your life, choose from Scottish Cousin’s 5-Year-Old, 8-Year-Old and 12-Year-Old whisky.

The Scottish Cousin range of malt whiskies is available through leading retailers countrywide, as well as online.

Price: R394 (12YO) | R272 (8YO) | R196 (5YO) or takealot

Match your gift with this Rolling Rock Glass & Ice Mould

Enhance the aroma and drinking pleasure of your Scottish Cousin 12-Year-Old with this Rolling Rock Glass and Ice Mould from Final Touch. Mould your own perfectly spherical ice ball and then roll it around the glass using the rock peak. Drinking symmetry.

Price: R 249

Christmas gift ideas, fine spirits

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select

Woodford Reserve isn’t manufactured, it’s crafted in small batches since 1812. There is an art to producing a handcrafted bourbon that’s as beautifully balanced as Woodford Reserve. This artisanal process allows the master distiller to craft using all five sources of bourbon flavour, giving it a distinct taste and crisp, clean finish. Perfect for gift giving and at select liquor stores nationwide.

RSP: R 499.95 | Facebook

Match your gift with this Chassis Leather Hip Flask

A stylish liquor deserves an equally stylish carrier. We love this Chassis Leather Hip Flask from Dunhill. Elegant and manly at the same time.

Price: R 2 250 | Facebook

Christmas gift ideas, fine spirits

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey

A blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and a unique honey liqueur, for a taste that’s one of a kind and unmistakably Jack. With hints of honey and a finish that’s naturally smooth, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey offers a taste of the unexpected. Some things are best enjoyed chilled, so just add ice. Now available with a complimentary whiskey glass at leading liquor stores nationwide.

RSP: R 249.95 | Facebook

Match your gift with this Polar Bamboo Ice Tray

Ice makes a big impact on your drink and quality ice is key. If you’ve ever wondered why your ice is cloudy, it’s the way that it freezes, as well as impurities in the water. This nifty ice tray draws impurities out, mimicking how ice freezes in nature and leaves you with clear cubes. Hashtag winning at ice.

Price: R31.50

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas - Moonshine

Silver Creek Craft Distillery Southern Moonshine Apple Pie Spirit Aperitif

Moonshine is typically associated with illicit distilling and a whoppingly high alcohol content but Southern Moonshine from Silver Creek Craft Distillery is bringing a seriously crafty edge to this drink. The flagship of this new and exciting brand to hit the shelves is Clear Shine, a smooth and genuine, pure spirit that is 50% alcohol by volume (ABV) – in American terms, 100% proof. But we’re quite taken with the range of flavoured ‘Shines, specifically this Apple Pie Moonshine, which tastes just like momma’s puddin’-in-a-bottle. A drinkable dessert? Yes please! The awesome packaging and unique spin make this a fabulous gift for the guy or girl that loves to stay on trend with what’s hot. WIN 2 BOTTLES OF SOUTHERN MOONSHINE

Price: R 260 | Facebook

Pair your gift with The Consol Solar Jar™

The idea of drinking moonshine makes us think of balmy summer nights outdoors. Light up your life or that of a buddy with these awesome solar-powered Consol Solar Jars™. A few of them dotted around your entertainment area makes for a great vibe.

Price: R 199

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas clemengold gin

ClemenGold Gin

We’re big fans of ClemenGold fruit and so, of course, were thrilled when they launched this beautiful citrusy gin. We were captured by the stunning packaging first and then fell in love with what’s inside. Distilled by Hope on Hopkins (so you know it’s good) this is the ideal gift for a friend who appreciates crafted design and really great gin.

Price: R 350

Pair your gift with a set of these Gin Glasses from Woolworths

Gin is definitely having a moment and a good gin deserves a great glass. We love these balloon goblets from Woolworths. Elegant and big enough for a generous gin cocktail.

Price: R 79.95 each


Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas pienaar & son

Waskis Vodka by Pienaar and Son

You may associate Pienaar and Son with gin, and you’d be right but they make vodka too. Waskis is the maiden name of André Pienaar’s mom and this namesake bottle is expertly crafted and beautifully packaged. We love.

Price: R 350 | Facebook

Pair your gift with this Luna Ring by Famke

You may be wondering why we’ve paired this gorgeous piece of jewellery with vodka? Well, it’s simple, we’re keeping it local and in the family. This gorgeous Luna ring is designed by Famke, who just happens to be married to André Pienaar of Pienaar and Son.  If you gift the special lady in your life this ring, along with a bottle of craft Waskis vodka, you’ll be winning at life. Trust us.

Price: R 370

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas - southern cross gin

Southern Cross Gin

Southern Cross Gin is a smooth, triple distilled Pinotage gin making it uniquely local. This small batch gin is infused with 21 botanicals and seawater from both the Atlantic and Indian oceans. We love the packaging that inspires a love of all things nautical, travel and, of course, Africa.

Price: R 495 | Facebook

Pair your gift with Barker and Quin Light at Heart Tonic

We love our GnT’s, especially when we don’t need to worry about calories. This Light at Heart Tonic Water from Barker and Quinn is low in sugar, meaning your calorie intake is less. We’re pretty sure that means you can have a few extra. While you pour your drink admire that seriously pretty packaging.

Price: R 198 for 6 | Facebook

Fine Spirits Christmas Gift Ideas - 031 distillery

031 Distillery Água Zulu Cachaça

For the person who has everything, this Água Zulu Cachaça, from Durban-based 031 Distillery, is something really unique. This is Africa’s first Cachaça (kuh-shah-suh), a fermented spirit made from sugar cane and, being that Durbs is sugar cane country, this makes perfect sense. Sip it neat, make into a Caipirinha or your favourite cocktail.

Price: R 389 | Facebook

Pair your gift with this Beaded Bokkie by MonkeyBiz

The beadwork on the label of Água Zulu Cachaça is inspired by the traditional Zulu beaded love letters given to Zulu maidens as a symbol of affection. With that in mind, we think this beautifully beaded ‘Bokkie’, by local artists Monkeybiz, makes for the perfect combo gift for someone overseas or visiting from abroad. A lot of local love goes into making both products.

Price: R 835 | Facebook


Fortaleza Reposado Tequila

Fortaleza is small-batch, handcrafted 100% agave tequila made in the same way for 5 generations by the Sauza family, in the town of Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico. The Reposado is aged in American Whiskey barrels and has aromas of raisins, figs, roasted nuts, caramelised agave and honey. It is new to South Africa, so makes for a really unique gift for the guy or girl who appreciates a finely crafted spirit. It comes in a beautiful hand-blown bottle and can be sipped neat, over ice or made into a stylish cocktail.

Price: R1000

Pair this gift with Handpainted Talavera Tiles

Bring a touch of Mexico into your entertainment area with these stunning, hand-painted tiles from Hadeda. Imported from Mexico, they come in a variety of patterns and add a touch of cool south of the border flavour to any space. Who says you can’t gift yourself?


Spirits wishlist Godet Cognac

Godet XO Terre Cognac

Godet has been producing award-winning cognacs for hundreds of years and is, in fact, the oldest family-owned Cognac House in France, dating back to 1550. Godet is one of the very few cognac makers to produce their blends using grapes from all six cognac grape growing regions and it shows in the superior quality of their spirits. Godet OX Terre Cognac is a quintessence of Godet’s art of ageing and blending and is probably the oldest XO available in South Africa. With a luminous golden colour, Godet XO Terre has floral, fruity aromas that quickly give way to flavours of cinnamon and spices.  Gift to someone who truly appreciates craftsmanship.

Price: R1800

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