Election Day Essentials

Words: Jess Spiro

It’s something we hear all the time, you can’t really have an opinion on the state of the country if you didn’t get out and vote and in fairness it does make a lot of sense. Whatever your feeling on the current affairs of the nation, it’s municipal elections on Wednesday the 3rd and we reckon the best way to deal with the queues and administration is to take snacks. Or, better yet, make your own and be the envy of those queuing with you.

Why are these elections important?

Firstly, all elections are important as they ultimately decide who runs our beautiful country. These municipal elections are important because voter select the members of the district, metropolitan and local municipal councils, who, in turn, will elect the mayors of the municipalities to office. The councillors, govern over the water, electricity and sanitation of each council. In short, if you have an issue with any of these services, you need to vote and so your voice can be heard. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain. There’s no two ways about it.

Where do I vote?

If you registered to vote, which you should have done in March, you’ll be voting at the station you registered at. To double check your registration status, SMS your ID number to 32810 (charged at R1 per sms) or get on to the Electoral Commission’s website and entering your ID number there. From there you will be reminded of which station you’re registered to vote at.

Based on the high numbers of people voting at each station, queues are to be expected. If you would like to avoid the rush, try going as the station opens at 8h00. However, if like us slow movers, you find yourself getting to the station with every man, their granny and dog, then you can expect to hunker down and wait for a little while. Make sure you keep your energy levels up with these easy to prepare snacks.

Melanzane- sandwich 300x300Leek-and-Goats-Cheese-Pies-300x300
stuffed-picnic-loaf-300x300Rustic Pork Sausage Rolls

Make sure you get down to the voting stations on Wednesday and make your voice heard!

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