Willow Creek Shares the Secret to Making Succulent Leg of Lamb this Easter

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Easter is that joyful time of year when little ones bounce around in gleeful anticipation of finding the next hidden Easter egg. However, it is also the ideal time for foodies to perfect their favourite leg of lamb recipe. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it out on your own – Willow Creek Olive Estate is ready to share their trade secrets on how to tenderise this hearty cut of meat.

Willow Creek

Slow is the Best Way to Go

It is important to take your time when cooking a leg of lamb. As per traditional European style, slow cooking is the best way to go. By cooking the meat for at least three hours at a low temperature, the connective tissues, fibres and collagen will eventually break down, ensuring a succulent and juicy end result.

Add Some Salt, Garlic & Ginger

Another great way to soften lamb is to apply salt directly onto the meat. When left overnight, the salt will draw out moisture from inside the meat and create a natural brine. You’ll be amazed at how rich and flavourful lamb can be when generously salted before being cooked.

Ginger and garlic are also great additions to any lamb dish. Both of these foodie favourites contain special enzymes that help to tenderise meat.

Don’t Skimp on the Marinade!

The marinade may be the most important factor that will make or break your lamb dish. As previously mentioned, salt, ginger, and garlic should definitely be added to the mix. However, if you want meat that’s so soft that it falls off the bone, then you will also have to add an acidic element, like lemons. The acidity will help to break down the fibres and collagen between the muscle tissue that binds the meat.

how to make leg of lamb

Another tip: apply generous amounts of extra virgin olive oil to the meat before you start cooking it. Once absorbed, the oil will help to soften the meat.

Willow Creek Parmesan Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil pairs splendidly with lamb and will help to balance out the acidic notes of the lemon present in the dish.

Alternatively, you can opt for Willow Creek Olive Estate’s recently launched Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray. This nifty little product serves as the perfect culinary assistant in the kitchen and will help you to douse those hard-to-reach places without making a mess.

Willow Creek Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

Boasting a medium fruity character, Willow Creek Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil tantalises the palate with subtle aromas of freshly cut grass and hints of apple. Extra virgin olive oil connoisseurs will also be able to detect perfectly balanced bitter and peppery notes, which fade into a pleasant aftertaste. This pure, undiluted blend consists mainly of Frantoio and Mission cultivars at a half-ripe stage.

Willow Creek olive oil
Willow Creek olive oil

Willow Creek Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil tantalises the palate with subtle aromas of freshly cut grass and hints of apple.

Foodies will love the product’s non-aerosol spray bottle for its practicality and convenience. The spray bottle doesn’t use chemical propellants and is refillable, which is not only great for the environment but also allows consumers to enjoy drip-free application and expert portion control with every spray.

The BPA-free venting dispense deposits the same consistent output per stroke and the fine mist spray pattern ensures that your food gets the most even and consistent coating of extra virgin olive oil possible. Each Willow Creek Estate Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray can provide up to 5000 applications!

Willow Creek leg of lamb

Make this Easter one for the books by purchasing Willow Creek Olive Estate’s award-winning product range here. Want more cooking inspiration? Try these Willow Creek recipes.

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