E-Commerce Drone Deliveries Wreak Havoc in Cape Town Airspace

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Innovative online kitchen and homeware retailer Yuppiechef has upped the ante by announcing their latest customer service offering – chopper deliveries.  Online purchases can now be delivered by way of small and medium sized remote controlled helicopters, ensuring that customers receive their latest kitchen gadgets in record breaking time. However, it has been reported this morning that these deliveries are wreaking havoc in the airspace above the Mother City, as well as having a marked impact on noise pollution.

Due to an influx of orders from customers seeking to be the among the first to try out the revolutionary delivery system, the online retailer has experienced extremely high volumes of orders overnight. As a result, this morning there are huge number of choppers flying in and around the Cape Town area. Director of Avionics for Yuppiechef, Noel Ross-Gillespie, was quoted as saying that this idea of delivery is set to take the customer experience to the next level, unfortunately though, they seem to have reached a higher level than they bargained for.

City Bowl residents have come out in force to protest what they are calling an “invasive airspace agenda”. Residents have been sighted throwing rocks at the passing choppers, and some have even gone so far as to craft stone slings from 100% hemp fibre. Witnesses say there are even murmurs of sling-making workshops, which are likely to appear as pop up events at local farmers markets. The City of Cape Town has cautioned residents not to take the law into their own hands, but the caution has fallen on deaf ears. Some say the constant whirring overhead has attributed to the current deafening situation.

Mystified passengers due to board local flights this morning are said to have been seen milling around Cape Town International Airport as they awaited word on delayed flights. One delayed passenger was seen to be unwrapping a recently delivered espresso machine, and another a case of local craft beer – both clearly taking advantage of the situation, much to the chagrin of fellow passengers. The South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACCA), the governing body for Cape Town’s airspace, have previously spoken out against the flight of drones and small choppers and are expected to make a statement on the day’s events later today.

Customers of Yuppiechef are encouraged to select regular courier delivery for the foreseeable future, until the airspace issue has been resolved. 


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