Dinner for One: This Valentine’s Day Love Yourself!

Words: Jess Spiro

In all seriousness, who really cares that much about Valentine’s Day? Does it really matter that you’re spending the day having dinner for one? For the most part, even the happiest couples are pretty disinterested in it. But like all things, consumerism makes us think that Valentine’s Day is a big deal so that retailers can sell heart-shaped everything and we feel obliged to partake in the celebrations.

So, this is in honour of those who are happily spending the day alone. What better way to mark the most ludicrous day in the calendar than by cooking an entire meal just for yourself?

Take this day to treat yourself to something messy, garlicky and boozy, and the best thing about this menu is that you don’t have to share the main meal or the leftovers. It’s a Valentine’s Day miracle.

Start with style…

To kick off this celebration of your freedom, you’ll need a drink. And a strong one, at that. This Dirty Martini with Stilton-Stuffed Olives will hit the spot. Although it may sound extremely repelling, the pungent cheese is mellowed by the combination of the alcohol and olive brine and is the perfect sipping cocktail to start your evening off.

Don’t be shy with the garlic…

To kickstart your gourmand dinner-for-one, try these Garlic and Chilli Prawns, a dish that probably wouldn’t be ideal if you were with an admirer, further celebrating why you’re happily single.

Dinner for one
Dinner for one

Use Your Hands…

For the main course of your feast, indulge in something truly anti-Valentine’s. The bunny chow. With gravy dribbles, soft, squishy bread and a kick of heat, it’s possibly one of the least delicate dishes to eat, but also one of the most delicious. Our Chicken Korma Bunny Chow will have you getting down and dirty with your one true love (read: food) in no time.

A Boozy Dessert to Finish…

To finish off your magnificent meal, slip into something more comfortable with Guinness and Peanut Butter Ice Cream Floats. If you can’t rely on booze, ice cream and peanut butter in life, then you can’t rely on anything. Fact.

Dinner for one
Dinner for one

See, dinner for one can be plenty of fun!

For more recipe inspiration click HERE.

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