Different Kind of Eggs and Recipes to Make with Them

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Eggs are one of the most versatile and integral ingredients around. Not only are they great cooked a variety of different ways, but they are used in all sorts of recipes for their flavour, binding properties and ability to add aeration (think cakes, meringues etc). This got us thinking about different kinds of eggs, beyond just chicken eggs so we investigate.

Quail Eggs

different kinds of eggs

These tiny birds are farmed for both their meat and their eggs which are regarded as a delicacy in most countries. But if you find yourself in Asia, quail eggs are available from most street markets as a quick snack. Quail eggs, although small, are packed with good cholesterol and a higher percentage of protein than their chicken counterparts.

The eggs can be bought fresh or pickled, but if cooking, remember to cook thoroughly. Here is an idea for your next dinner party – a decadent starter of fried quail eggs with truffle salt on toast.

Try these recipes for Quail Scotch Eggs and Duck Heart Tartare with Quail Egg.

Duck Eggs

different kinds of eggs

Rich, orange yolks and a delicious egg-y flavour – these are the things that we associate with a duck egg. Everything you can do with a chicken egg, you can do with those from their quacking cousins.

The pale (sometimes blue-ish white) shells are quite thick and durable, keeping duck eggs fresher for longer. They will make cakes and pastries fluffier and richer, due to a higher albumen ratio. They also contain good cholesterol, so rather have one of these for breakfast. Eggs Benedict will never be the same again!

Try this recipe for Slow Cooked Duck Egg with Prosciutto and Duck Egg Crispy Bacon and Rocket Sandwich

Ostrich Eggs

Ever needed to make scrambled eggs for twelve people? It’s easy – with a hammer, a huge pan and an ostrich egg. These enormous eggs contain the equivalent of two dozen chicken eggs and can take up to 2 hours to hard-boil. Ostrich eggs have many predators in the wild, hence their super durable shells (and feisty parents), so if you’d like to get to the edible contents, you might need more than a couple of whacks on the kitchen counter.

Ostrich eggs are lighter, fluffier and milder in flavour than chicken eggs, and perfect if you are cooking for the whole, extended family.

Plant Based Eggs

plant based

Say whaaat? Yes, its true, this vegan alternative is happening and will hopefully be available worldwide soon. Read more about this HERE. Since we don’t have any plant-based egg recipes as yet, how about you check out these yummy vegan recipes. Also, if eggs aren’t your thing, check out our best non-egg recipes.

Also, learn how to make Aquafaba Vegan Mayo or this yummy Vegan Waldorf Burger

Good Old Chicken Eggs

different kinds of eggs

The most common kind of egg available, these guys are served up around the world daily. Order or cook them poached, scrambled, sunny side up, easy over or boiled, they are versatile and delicious. Here are some of our favourite egg recipes.

Try these recipes: Bacon and Egg Tartlets, Eggs Baked in Avocados. Boiled Eggs with Pesto Soldiers, Nutty Grain Salad with Bacon and Egg.

For more egg recipe inspiration click HERE.

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