De Stomme Jonge

CRUSH VISITS - August 2013

Roosterkoek is made according to an old family recipe, using only whitebread flour and love at De Stomme Jonge

Opening hours:
breakfast, lunch and late nights, but closed on Sundays

3 Ryneveld St, Stellenbosch

082 054 0125 | e w


Consider De Stomme Jonge your home away from home – a place where nostalgia and childhood memories of camping meet.


It was a cold and rainy morning in the Boland when we happened upon this little gem of a place – and not a moment too soon, as the locals were also heading that way and within moments the place was packed. Why, you ask? Was it the call of a good cappuccino? Perhaps. Or the roaring gas heater and a comfortable couch?  Oh no, it is the heartstring-tugging smell of freshly baked Roosterkoek.


De Stomme Jonge was established exactly two years ago, this month and has become a favourite of locals and out-of-towners alike. Owner, Simon Matthysen, explained that it all started by accident. They had just signed the lease on the space and realised that the kitchen was too small for any conventional menu. With a gas braai on the stoep in front, De Stomme Jonge’s destiny took shape – why not bake Roosterkoeke and serve it with the classics? For those of you who are unfamiliar with Roosterkoek, (directly translated as a ‘Griddle Cake’), it is simply a bun-sized ball of bread dough cooked straight on the griddle (or rooster) over hot coals. It is a traditional accompaniment to braaivleis while still piping hot, or it is best served with grated cheese and apricot jam.


Since its inception, De Stomme Jonge’s menu has grown to include the classics and many other delicious filling combinations, served with the omnipresent Roosterkoek. If your Afrikaans is not up to standard, you might have some difficulty with the menu, but the staff are very helpful, friendly and can speak English. Another point to highlight is their general displeasure at being asked for any wholewheat, gluten-free, yeast-free options. Their Roosterkoek is made according to an old family recipe, using only whitebread flour and love.


Seating is available both inside and outside and the menu includes all kinds of suggestions, but feel free to build your own Roosterkoek. They are open for breakfast, lunch and late nights, but closed on Sundays.

Roosterkoek, comfy casual