Crush Advent Calendar Day 3 Win with Glen Carlou

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In 2012 Glen Carlou celebrated its 25th vintage – a comparatively young Estate in the South African wine industry – yet they have built a reputation as one of South Africa’s leading producers.

Situated in the heart of South Africa’s sought-after Paarl Valley, Glen Carlou enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate of warm, dry summers and cold, wet winters. This, together with an exciting variety of slopes and the richness of our soils, creates unique wine-growing conditions – perfect for nurturing healthy, flavoursome grapes that reflect the inherent characteristics of the Estate’s terroir.

Producing truly great wine, consistently, takes a very special passion and attention to every facet of its slow, meticulous production. Even the word production doesn’t sit well with Glen Carlou – they prefer to call it curatorship. It permeates everything they do – their respect for the environment and its unique terroir, the way they nurture their people and the painstaking care and judicious practices that go into producing every bottle of Glen Carlou.

Since 1985, Glen Carlou have only had four winemakers – their collective passion has ensured that Glen Carlou has produced consistently exceptional wines for almost three decades. Creating classic, award-winning wines is a wonderful and gratifying journey, but it is not the destination.

Consistency, expertise and a commitment to always deliver beyond expectation is what they strive for with every bottle of Glen Carlou wine. This is why they are known as the ‘Curators of Classic Wines’. | Facebook | Twitter

How many winemakers has Glen Carlou had?

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