Crush Advent Calendar Day 4 Win with Willow Creek

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The Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertson in the Western Cape is blessed with a terroir perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives. Beneath Rabie Mountain the trees thrive in deep lime soil while a climate of extremes improves flavour profiles.

Everyone participating in the yearly cycle of tending the groves and extracting the oil takes pride in the end product: extra virgin olive oil that captures the goodness of the Nuy Valley!

Willow Creek’s leading product, the Estate Blend, has a medium intensity, which makes it the perfect all rounder extra virgin olive oil. For the convenience of consumers, it is packaged in the SQUEEZE ME bottle with a unique patented nozzle. The PET bottle is environmentally friendly, contains a specially added oxygen barrier and UV filter to keep the oil’s shelf life of 2 years intact, and the fact that it cannot break when dropped, renders it invaluable for any kitchen. The Estate Blend is ideal for grilling fresh tuna, oven roasting chicken and vegetables, and with salad and fresh bread.

The estate’s flagship product, the intense Directors’ Reserve is a 2016 ABSA Top 5 winner and excellent as a marinade and basting for grilled steak, swirled into hot soup, and with strongly flavoured dishes and ingredients such as anchovies and matured cheese.

Willow Creek’s flavoured olive oils range from favourites like Lemon, Garlic and Jalapeño, to exotic flavours like Persian Lime, Blood Orange & Truffle. Now consumers can enjoy the convenience of having these flavours on hand in a particularly healthy form – extra virgin olive oil – along with the added benefit of the prolonged shelf life the flavoured olive oil has compared to the original flavour ingredient, i.e. Basil, Coriander and Truffle.

Balsamic Vinegar is the natural partner to extra virgin olive oil and Willow Creek has 3 variants available: a Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, a Balsamic Glaze, also imported from Italy, and their Cabernet Sauvignon Balsamic Vinegar.

The olive range includes flavoured and pitted options, traditional tapenade and two olive pestos. | Facebook | Twitter


Willow Creek’s Estate Blend is packaged in a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Me bottle.

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