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Cape Town recently enjoyed a taste of Corona’s global SunSets Music Festival with the launch of its intimate, invite-only local event held at The Grand Cafe & Beach. Corona SunSets is a global campaign introducing one-of-a-kind music and beach culture experiences to some of the best beaches, bars, and clubs on the planet.

Globally, the festival is an immersive experience that combines music, food and local culture, and the recent South African launch event mirrored the larger festivals. Guests were treated to a performance by international electronic violin act, Violinvasion, fresh from Tomorrowland, as well as renowned South African DJs, Shaun Duvet, Cara Minx and San World.Corona SunSets Events Cape Town The Cape Town launch followed closely after the recent succesfull Joburg launch event at Katy’s Palace Bar. In addition to South Africa, Corona SunSets has been launched in more than 20 markets across the globe through over 150 events of varying sizes and intimacy – giving everyone a taste of summer and celebrating the magical sunset hour. Central to the Corona SunSets program are six immersive, large-scale but still intimate and laid-back festival experiences on four continents. Corona Sunsets kicked off in the brand’s home of Mexico to a sold out crowd and went on to the United Kingdom, Italy, Ibiza, China and Australia, amongst others.

Corona has teamed-up with SFX Entertainment, the leading global producer of live events and digital entertainment content focused on electronic music culture, to create an emotive soundtrack for SunSets that brings the sights, sounds, and spirit of the beach to life for fans. Corona and SFX explored multiple categories of music and artists to find the perfect combination of sounds that could translate into a soundtrack that brings the spirit of the beach to life.Corona SunSets Events Cape Town Robin Schulz’s “Sun Goes Down” was ultimately chosen as the basis for the SunSets Anthem, as it embodies everything in a song that Corona and SFX felt captured the magical moment and energy of the sun setting on the beach, with day turning into night. This track brings to a crescendo the emotions people feel after spending a day on the beach. After ebbs and flows of the day, and the sun lowers itself below the horizon and night descends, the unique sound of “Sun Goes Down” perfectly harnesses the excitement of entering the evening. Its beat serves as a perfect prelude to the faster-paced, energetic performances that lay ahead with each night of SunSets festivals.

Similar to the international festivals, the Johannesburg and Cape Town launch events immersed guests in a sensory experience. An eclectic spread of foods and Corona-based cocktails were coupled with low tempo, trendy tropical house music, deepening the brand’s connection to the beach lifestyle.Corona SunSets Events Cape Town Music is a passion for our fans – along with travel, food and culture,” said Marcondes. “The Corona SunSets platform gives us an opportunity to combine all four into an immersive experience around the world. From digital amplification and social engagement, to in-store activation and our events, Corona activate a truly global platform.”

For more information on the Corona SunSets experiences, please visit #Coronasunsets

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