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We Cook by Colours!

Words: Crush

The food world is filled with colour and we wanted to pay homage to that. So, we tasked chef Rudi Liebenberg and his team at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel to cook us dishes based on shades of one colour. These gorgeous recipes are the result.

Cook by Colours: Shades of Green

Cape Greens with Avocado Prawn Parcel

cook by colours

A striking dish that is surprisingly simple and a little bit secretive… that beautiful fanned avo is hiding a parcel of delicious prawn mix. Finish with walnuts for crunch and green apple for freshness. If you struggle to find some of the more complex greens, sub in your favourite salad leaves for the same effect.

Recipe for Cape Greens with Avo Prawn Parcel

Cook by Colours: Shades of Purple

Textures of Beetroot Salad

cook by colours

Beetroot is a beauty! This humble root veg is quite gritty and odd looking when it comes out of the ground but once you slice it open, it reveals its true purple beauty. If you can, look for the pretty striated versions to give your dish contrast. This dish combines so many different textures and we love how it brings brightness and vibrancy to this humble veg.

Recipe for Textures of Beetroot Salad

Cook by Colours: Shades of Yellow

Saffron, Ricotta & Carrot Ravioli with Hazelnuts    

Saffron lends its flavour and colour to this dish. A bed of creamy carrot purée is the base and atop that sit three plump ravioli, ideal for a starter to a beautiful meal. The ravioli is filled with a mix of carrot and ricotta and the dish gets crunch from Parmesan crisps and toasty hazelnuts.

Recipe for Saffron, Ricotta and Carrot Ravioli

Cook by Colours: Shades of Pink

 Pink Chocolate and Berries

How pretty! Almost too pretty to eat… almost. In fact, this whole dish is edible, bowl included. Stretch your creativity and create pretty pink chocolate bowls (don’t worry, we’ll tell you how) and then fill with a plethora of pink pastries and sweets. Macaroons and marshmallows and jellies, oh my!

Recipe for Pink Chocolate and Berries

Cook by Colours: Shades of Brown

Decadent Coffee and Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate and coffee were made for each other. Their flavours complement each other and they work together on the colour spectrum too. This dessert not only looks striking but tastes amazing. It combines quite a few elements, so set aside some time to create each element and then some time at the end to pull it all together. The beauty of the dish is in how creative you can get with the plating using everything that you have made.

Recipe for Decadent Coffee and Chocolate Dessert

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