The Art of Healing With Klomp Ceramics

Words: Tam Selley

Miele Article Banner For some people, the path to self-discovery and success is a relatively smooth and uncomplicated journey. For others, it can be an obstacle of unexpected detours, roadworks, and tenebrous tunnels. But smooth seas never made skilful sailors and Alexia Klompje is a firm embodiment of this. Alexia talks to us about defeat, self-discovery, taking the reins on her creative journey through a process of healing and creating small pieces of herself through art and Klomp Ceramics.


Born and bred in Cape Town, Alexia Klompje always had her eyes set on entering the creative scene in the Mother City. After studying architecture as her first intended profession, Alexia decided to don a backpack, travel the world and immerse herself in various different cultures. After getting lost and found in numerous countries, Alexia decided it was time to return home with a new perspective on life and delve into the world of fashion, decor and advertising.

As Alexia told us, “Travelling gave me an incredible perspective of Cape Town, so now I’m like a tourist here every single day, appreciating the mountain and the beautiful landscape and everything in between that fuels my creativity.”


Back in Cape Town, Alexia found herself with a new sense of appreciation for the city. She decided on a career in styling and advertising, and during this time, met her husband. Life isn’t always on board the happy-go-lucky bandwagon though, and it was around this time that Alexia discovered the news that would change the course of her life.

Alexia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. This pivotal news, understandably, turned her world upside down.

Although the tumor was successfully removed, it left half her body temporarily paralysed, and for the fighting-fit-kung-foo Klompje, this was a knock. Uncertain of where her life was going to go, and as a person who was exceptionally strong, fit, and mobile, being housebound left her on the brink of insanity. Alexia’s husband suggested she do something creative during her recovery.

“He was right,” Alexia says, ”And, as crazy as it sounds, I had this dream where a voice told me that I should do ceramics. I had dabbled in ceramics before when I was in school, so I went to get a bag of clay, and I started fiddling in the spare bedroom of my apartment. I started to create these beautiful pieces and take shape of my life, and it actually became this beautiful way for me to heal.”

Klomp ceramics


“I’m such a perfectionist in general, but for some reason through the clay I realised that I wasn’t perfect, I had a limp, I couldn’t walk, and I was rebuilding myself, ” she says.

It was during this time, dealing with this imperfection complex, that she began making geometric jugs. Subconsciously, because she felt that she wasn’t perfect, these jugs had to be perfect. Naturally, they turned out to be completely different from what she imagined but that’s where the beauty in them lay, they were so unique and imperfect and she loved them.

“That’s where I started learning little lessons about myself, through all the pieces I was making and crying a lot, it really became part of my story. I loved how organic everything was, you could really see that I had been working hard on it, people really started appreciating and loving what I was making so I started putting it out there and that where Klomp Ceramics was born.”.


There is no shortage of inspiration in the world when you have such a positive perspective on life and nature the way Alexia does. Relying on her intuitive instincts, she draws her inspiration from everything that fascinates her and it’s the malleability and fluidity of what she can produce with something hard that Alexia fell in love with.

From her architectural background, she’s always had a fascination with textures, shapes and forms. Her other muses are found in colour, nature, her personal life and emotions. If not that, it’s often a result of her playing around or being comical about her state of mind – shown in her Black as Night range.

“This range was basically me going through a really dark time in the business and feeling overwhelmed,” she tells us.  “I was joking with the ladies in the studio saying, I just want to splatter these plates black because that’s the colour of my soul right now and they said just do it, so I thought – I’m gonna do it!”.

Klomp ceramics

On the other side of the emotion spectrum, some of her creations are born purely out of love. Her most dear and special creation from is her Nebulae range, which she created while pregnant with her daughter Isa.

“I really had this sensation while I was carrying my baby that I was carrying the universe in my womb. While Isa was growing in my belly, I made these little blue ink-stained bowls and a friend of mine said wow, it looks like the nebulae! It was such a connection that I hadn’t actually realised myself. This was so special to me because I was so aware at the time that my little girl was on board with me in making this range, and influenced the creative space that I was in at the time.”

“Ceramics, for me, is the ultimate connection to the divine world”

Keeping the inspiration pure for Klomp Ceramics is the focus for Alexia, and creating her pieces with her own style without rules keeps the process interesting.

“I do ceramics in my own way, it’s such a malleable art form that technique actually takes the fun out of it. Master ceramicists would probably have a hernia if they had to see me in action but it works for me!”


Klomp Ceramics thrives on the creative energy that Cape Town exudes. For Alexia, a large part of her inspiration comes from being surrounded by like-minded people who want to connect through the creative journey.

“Cape Town creatively is so phenomenal, it’s so unique in a way that we don’t have boundaries, and breaking out of the mould is seemingly easier. The energy of Africa is just free. I love sharing the space with other creatives in going through this journey together. Making a business out of something creative can be very difficult and it’s sometimes easy to lose yourself, so having that support from other creatives in a similar space is really important to me, being able to open up and share these emotions.”

Klomp Ceramics gives Alexia the opportunity to balance her feminine and masculine creativity. Running a business is by no means an easy feat, and at times she finds herself having to re-centre and remember what it is about this beautiful venture that means so much to her. It’s connection. Connecting through the clay, through her pieces and connecting to other people.

“It’s not just a plate or a bowl, it’s a piece of art with my story in it, and I believe that people will feel that energy in Klomp Ceramics”

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