Cherishing Moments with ZZ2 Sweet Cherries

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It’s no coincidence that cherry season and holiday season are celebrated at the same time of year. These bright, red and beautiful stone fruits are only available for a six-week window, after a long and fruitful harvest period. As we draw close to the end of year, we finally get to enjoy the fruits of our labour with friends and family. If you’re hosting a lovely bunch, much like ZZ2 Sweet Cherries, these tasty recipes will help you cherish those moments.

ZZ2 Sweet Cherries

We’ve created four deliciously vibrant recipes using ZZ2 Sweet Cherries. The cherry on top? They’re naturally sweet and packed with amazing health benefits. From vitamins A to C, cherries are low in calories, filled with antioxidants and all the goodness you could ask for. Whether you’re looking to zhush up your cheese board or infuse a fruity element into your bakes or simply craving a fresh snack, ZZ2 Sweet Cherries are ideal.

Cherry Chutney with Oven Roasted Camembert

Be the hostest with the mostest and make your next gathering even sweeter with this Cherry Chutney with Oven Roasted Camembert – the ultimate party starter.

Forget about serving overly sweet fruit preserve, this cherry bomb flavour explosion will take your cheese board to the next level.

Thanks to the ZZ2 Sweet Cherries, balsamic vinegar and whole-grain mustard combination, this Cherry Chutney is balanced with sweet and sour notes. We’ve scored and grilled our Camembert in the oven. The result? A deliciously oozy cheese that pairs perfectly with the Cherry Chutney and will have your guests salivating. Feel free to make an extra batch – this will soon become your new favourite condiment to add to sandwiches and more.

Recipe for Cherry Chutney with Oven Roasted Camembert

Flatbread with Brie Cheese, Prosciutto, Rocket & Cherries

Finally having that long overdue get-together with your friends but not sure what to serve? This crowd-pleasing flatbread is ideal for any fruitful occasion.

Add a pop of flavour and colour to your lunch table with this flatbread made with ZZ2 Sweet Cherries.

We’ve layered our flatbread with brie cheese, topped it with ribbons of prosciutto and dressed it with micro herbs and rocket for a peppery note. The combo of cooked and fresh ZZ2 Sweet Cherries adds a contrasting flavour and texture that pairs well with the satisfyingly salty flavours of the prosciutto. Make your guests feel at home, place it in the centre of the table and let them tuck in. If you’re lucky, they might save you a piece.

Recipe for Flatbread with Brie Cheese, Prosciutto, Rocket & Cherries

Cherry Crumble Bars

Looking for the perfect treat to serve at your next tea and goss get-together? These Cherry Crumble Bars are it!

ZZ2 Sweet Cherries are ideal for sweet bakes and all things delicious.

The secret to these Crumble Bars is the layer of homemade cherry jam for that sweet yet tart balance. We’ve made our crumble with rolled oats, a sprinkle of cinnamon and touch of vanilla for good measure. Simply top them with a deliciously zesty jam made with ZZ2 Sweet Cherries and lemon juice; bake and enjoy! Serve with a warming pot of cherry-infused tea.

Recipe for Cherry Crumble Bars

Breakfast Puff Pastry Windmills with Cherry Glaze

Easy Sunday mornings are for endless cups of tea and delicious treats. Invite your gals over for a morning high tea along with these gorgeous breakfast pastries.

Sip sweetly and indulge in these pretty-as-a-picture cherry glazed treats and chat away with your friends.

Why buy stale scones, when you can make these pâtisserie-worthy bakes that will impress your breakfast club? Simply make a fruity jam using pitted ZZ2 Sweet Cherries, dollop it in the centre of your puff pastry squares and fold them to create these cute shapes. Once baked, drizzle your pastries with cherry glaze and serve them fresh out of the oven. Yum!

Recipe for Breakfast Puff Pastry Windmills with Cherry Glaze

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