La Motte Cap Classique – Bubbly and then Some!

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Sparkling wines with their festive bubbles and crowd-pleasing popping of corks are elemental to most special celebrations. But, a beautiful South African sparkling wine, made the traditional French way, can be about more than its fizz – something that is true for the 2018 La Motte Cap Classique.

More than a sparkling wine to fill festive clinking glasses, La Motte’s latest release is an exceptional glass of wine on its own and a versatile partner to food.

While it is impossible to resist the fine mousse and infinite stream of beguiling bubbles, the potential of La Motte’s classic sparkling wine blend of Chardonnay (91%) and Pinot Noir (9%) brings much more…

The Perfect Dinner Companion

Regardless of season or situation, the 2018 La Motte Cap Classique makes special occasions merrier. Enjoy as a refreshing aperitif or over a charming dinner with friends.

Initially crisp with strawberry flavours and a refreshing palate, the wine mellows into richer flavours, reminiscent of freshly baked bread and roasted nuts. A brilliant partner to fresher styles of soft cheese such as burrata and mozzarella, as well as grilled fish, sushi and leafy salads. From creamy egg dishes, luxurious oysters, and buttery bakes like croissant and apple tart, it’s a diverse and delicious wine.

The depth and complexity of the 2018 La Motte Cap Classique makes it a convincing choice for most dishes.

This sparkling wine is made as a Brut Natural, without the addition of sugar, and is bone dry. Its extended lees maturation does, however, ensure fulness. While the bouquet is sophisticated, the fine bubbles and enticing mousse provide the excitement needed for holiday drinking and festive occasions.

Purchase: 2018 La Motte MCC is available online or at the La Motte Tasting Room
Price: R390 per bottle | 1.5 Litre Magnum at R780

Explore La Motte’s products at their website below. | Facebook | Instagram

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