Celebrating The Taste of Spring with Laborie Brut Rosé MCC

Words: Emma Nkunzana

It’s safe to say that spring is definitely here and what better way to celebrate the taste of spring than an afternoon of food and Laborie Brut Rosé MCC.

To celebrate the start of spring (let’s be honest the weather never really feels spring-y in September when it’s supposed to) we were invited to sample the latest Laborie Brut Rosé MCC 2015, accompanied by a light and refreshing lunch prepared by celebrity chef Mynhardt Joubert and his team.

Laborie Brut Rose MCC
Laborie Brut Rose MCC

With the sun shining and not a breath of wind, we made our way to Paarl, where we had an exclusive seat at chef Mynhardt’s table. To freshen up from our journey we were greeted with peppermint scented hand towels and a Cruxland Gin with low-cal Barker and Quin tonic, which tasted just as indulgent as the regular version.

While sipping away on our G&Ts  we got to admire chef Mynhardts loft-style home.

As a venue, being hosted in someone’s home really gives the whole experience a real comfy atmosphere that might be amiss at a restaurant.

The decor shows the sharp eye of a designer but without all the stuffiness; the lounge area is quaintly decorated with art and ceramics by local artists.

Laborie Brut Rose MCC

Unveiling of the Spring Table

Before being seated we got to witness the magical spectacle of chef Mynhardt’s kitchen. In what can be described as the most creative use of ingredients, our table was transformed into an edible garden.

Sprawled across the table (sans plates) where scatterings of rainbow carrots and baby beetroot served alongside fresh oysters, salmon tartare and a salmon mousse, all perfectly paired with Laborie Brut Rosé MCC.

On the nose, Laborie’s Brut Rosé MCC shows prominent aromas of fresh raspberries, peaches and pomegranates, with undertones of orange blossoms. The palate is seductively fresh with lingering notes of honey cake and sliced grapefruit. The mousse is fine and soft – a complete tantalisation of the taste buds.Laborie Brut Rose MCC

Laborie Brut Rose MCC
Laborie Brut Rose MCC
Laborie Brut Rose MCC
Laborie Brut Rose MCC

You would be hard-pressed to find a better pairing than our starter but our main of roast lamb and quinoa with a Laborie Rosé and saffron sauce hit the spot. The crisp dryness of the MCC unified the dish, without the pairing veering on rich. And of course, the Laborie Brut Rosé MMC was a natural complement to our strawberry ice cream and pannacotta dessert.

Three Cheers For Laborie Brut Rosé MCC

Quite often we tend to drink MCC as a before or after drink but seldom as a component within meals. Chef Mynhardt and the team at Laborie have clearly demonstrated that MCC  is the perfect partner to all your holiday meals and not just as a celebratory drink.


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