Autograph Gin Wins Best Gin In Africa Award

Words: Tam Selley

The 2019 Best Gin in Africa Award was announced 30 April 2019 by the International Gin Guide Award to South African Autograph Gin.

Autograph Gin wins Best Gin in Africa Award

Entries were received from 24 countries and the judges were required to review hundreds of entries from various gin producers in the countries of origin.

Best Gin in Africa Award

Each category in the awards has one overall highest scorer, which has won the category and has the highest score in the relevant geographic area (Americas, Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe) and Autograph Gin was voted by the judges as the best gin across Africa for 2019.

All About Autograph Gin

Autograph Gin is produced at the boutique, small batch Craft Distillery in Stellenbosch, South Africa. It’s distiller, Mathew Beach is the youngest distiller in South Africa. 

Co-owner Anthony Norton said, “we are delighted with the recognition which the brand has received from the international Gin Guide Awards, following soon after the Michelangelo award it received in 2018, as the best craft gin in South Africa.”

Autograph Gin

Autograph Gin Tasting Notes

The distinctive scent of juniper berries combined with refreshing citrus flavours underpin this superb African Dry Gin. Base notes of Angelica Root, overtones of fragrant coriander and hints of delicious artemisia afra, give this gin unique strength and unparalleled depth and warmth. Together this harmonious medley of unique Cape flora is the brand’s Autograph. | Facebook | Instagram

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