A Vegan Christmas Table Spread – Hello Cauliflower Wellington!

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Although Christmas table spreads are notorious for displays of roasts and ‘Christmas classics’ like the much-anticipated Christmas gammon, a vegan Christmas table spread is just as worthy and tasty and best of all, cruelty-free. Chef Rudi Liebenberg and his team at the Belmond Mount Nelson have cooked up this amazing vegan Cauliflower Wellington. Served alongside that is sweet and nutty maple-roasted Hasselback sweet potatoes and butternut and a green vegetable medley with a tangy sunflower seed dressing.

Vegan Cauliflower Wellington with Vegetable Jus

vegan cauliflower wellington

This vegan-friendly version of the classic Wellington is the perfect, hearty roast for a Christmas mains without the meat. The cauliflower is lightly roasted and then wrapped with a mushroom duxelles, a lentil crepe and then covered with a vegan pastry. It’s also served with a meaty yet meat-free veggie jus.

Get the Recipe for Cauliflower Wellington


Your vegan Cauliflower Wellington is going to need some tasty sides. We love both of these dishes which each bring their own unique flavour. Enjoy the roasted notes of maple-glazed butternut and sweet potatoes. Topped with nuts they are full of festive flavour. The green salad is packed with nutrients and garlicky flavour. If raw garlic makes you nervous, try roasting it before, this will balance out the flavour.

Maple Roasted Hasselback Sweet Potatoes and Butternut

A combination of slight sweetness, charred crispiness, soft veg and nutty goodness makes this dish the perfect addition to that vegan festive table spread.

Get the Recipe for Maple Roasted Hasselback Sweet Potatoes and Butternut

Asparagus, Broccoli and Fine Bean Salad

This medley of green veggies is dressed in a sunflower seed dressing that adds texture and flavour. Take greens and elevate them to something special with this recipe.

Get the Recipe for Asparagus, Broccoli and Fine Bean Salad

vegan cauliflower wellington and hasselback veggies
vegan festive greens


Miso is acceptable for any occasion, even Christmas. These Miso-glazed Aubergines are a total game-changer. Super easy to make and really delivers on yum factor with a miso-mayo drizzle and toasted sesame seeds.

Recipe for Mizo-glazed Aubergines


The perfect side salad for the Christmas table. Let’s be honest, veggies just taste better when they’re charred, so fire up the grill and roast these bad boys.

Recipe for Charred Broccoli Salad


Mash is synonymous with a Christmas feast – it’s creamy, delicious, and pairs beautifully with just about anything. This Burnt Butternut Mash is no exception, just make sure to take the butternut as far as possible in term of caramelising – that’s where the amazing flavour comes from.

Recipe for Butternut Mash 


This side dish is the perfect addition to the Christmas table and pairs beautifully with the Asparagus, Broccoli and Fine Bean Salad recipe above.

Recipe for Roasted Carrots

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Vegan Passion Fruit and Coconut Tart

Round off your vegan festive feast with this stunning tropical dessert, perfect for summer!

Get the Recipe for this Vegan Passion Fruit & Coconut Tartvegan tropical dessert tart

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