A Toast to Toast with Four Fabulous Toppings

Words: Jess Spiro

Toast – the anytime meal. All you need is bread, a toaster or oven and a topping, and voilà, you have a dish to satiate your hunger. While we’re all for a classic peanut butter and jam or cheese and marmite combination, we’ve decided to get a little fancy with our toasts. Basically tartines, open-faced sandwiches or bruschetta, we’re paying homage to our favourite bread-y food.

Toast Topping Ideas

4 Fabulous Toast Toppings

Baked Beans, Soft Boiled Egg

If there’s a hardworking topping out there, it’s beans. This grown-up version of the classic after school lunch is simply big white beans stewed in a spicy tomato sauce. Top with a 6-minute egg and you have a dish for any time of the day.

Endive, Ricotta, Anchovy Dressing, Parsley Oil

Not sure what to do with leftover salad leaves? Pop them on your toast. These ingredients would have made a tasty salad, but atop toast they make for a civilised little snack. When someone asks what you’re eating for lunch, tell them it’s a tartine and revel in your sophistication.

Radish, Butter, Salt

Let’s just start by saying this: if you’ve never dipped radish into soft butter and sprinkled it with flaky sea salt, then you need to do that. Pronto. Once you’ve done that, upgrade to a fancy pants slice with this topping and marvel at the buttery, spicy goodness.

Hummus, Cucumber, Olives, Feta

What’s not to love about this classic Greek combination? If you can’t face eating salad (hey, we’ve been there) then top a piece of something carbo-loaded with the ingredients. Extra points if you make your own hummus.

Great toast needs great bread! Learn how to make your own with our favourite bread recipes.

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