4 Delicious Recipes that Show You How to Cook with Coffee

Words: Julie Velosa

Have you ever looked at your morning cuppa and thought, ‘This would make a rack of ribs amazing?’ No? Well, have no fear, that’s what we’re here for.

While we’re mildly obsessed with drinking coffee, we also know that it works really well as an ingredient in both sweet and savoury dishes, so we tasked the team at the Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel with creating 4 delicious recipes that show you how to cook with coffee. We have two savouries by Sous Chef Jaco Goosen, followed up by two sweets by Executive Pastry Chef, Craig Hibbert, and each incorporates that all-important ingredient. So, what are you waiting for? Put down that coffee cup and pick up your apron, you’ve got some cooking to do…

Pork Ribs with Coffee Basting

The coffee glaze on these ribs makes them lip-smackingly good. Sweet, sticky and ideally washed down with an ice-cold beer. Coffee is known for adding a savoury umami note to dishes, so it works incredibly well in this recipe. Ribs are good to begin with and this coffee-inspired recipe just takes it up an extra notch. 

Get the Recipe for these Pork Ribs with Coffee Basting Sauce

Duck Popiah

Popi-whaat? Don’t worry you may not have heard the term but there’s a good chance that you’ve eaten them before. Popiah are a healthy, non-fried version of a spring roll, packed with veggies, and in this case, duck meat.

These popiah are served with a tasty coffee dipping sauce and are great as a snack to kick off a casual dinner party with friends. Also, a great way to use up leftover meat (replace the duck with chicken if you have leftover from a roast). Tasty, healthy and with a little extra coffee kick, sign us up!

Get the Recipe for this Duck Popiah

Coffee Chiffon Cake With Pecan Brittle

Coffee and cake, cake and coffee, coffee in your cake. We’ll pretty much take it any way we can get it. This is a great cake for an occasion when you are feeding a bunch as it’s a big recipe. It’s packed with coffee flavour, has a crunchy element from the brittle and is a happy companion for your favourite cuppa Joe. Roll on teatime, or should we say, coffee time!

Get the Recipe for this Coffee Chiffon Cake

Coffee & Chocolate Delice with Coffee Chantilly and Fresh Pear

A textured, layered slice with bitter and sweet flavours – perfect for a special dinner party. A challenge for the adventurous home chef. Are you up to it?

Get the Recipe for this Coffee and Chocolate Delice

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