16 Delicious and Healthy Salmon Recipes

Words: Dumi Mparutsa

Salmon is one of the most famed freshwater fish, known for its delicate yet rich flavour and beautiful texture. Whether you prefer pan-fried, cured, smoked or as tartare, we have a selection of healthy salmon recipes for every palate.

Cured Salmon Recipes

Smoked, pickled, fermented or a combination of all three. These recipes use citrus, vegetables and salt, and show just how easy it is to cure fish.

Salmon recipes 4x6
Salmon recipes 4x6

Beetroot Cured Salmon with a Beetroot and Horseradish Cream

This dish highlights how well salmon and beetroot work together, as well as just how easy it is cure fish. Don’t be afraid of the horseradish, it adds a wonderful spiciness.

Recipe for Beetroot Cured Salmon with a Beetroot and Horseradish Cream

New Style Salmon

This lovely fresh fish is finished with a dressing of soy, sesame and garlic and is simple but so delicious.

Recipe for New Style Salmon

salmon recipes 4x6
salmon recipes 4x6

Salmon and Scallop Ceviche

A fresh, light and delicious dish. Scallops aren’t always that easy to come by, but if you can get your hands on some, they are a real treat.

Recipe for Salmon and Scallop Ceviche

Salmon with Fresh Granadilla

Granadilla is delicious with raw salmon, like in a ceviche or, in this case, with a lightly smoked salmon.

Recipe for Salmon with Fresh Granadilla

Salmon Mousse Recipes

Salmon mousse may be retro, but it will never go out of style!

salmon recipes 4x6
salmon recipes 4x6

Smoked Salmon Mousse

This light, fluffy mousse is layered with smoky flavours – a bite of capers and a zing of fresh citrus, it is simply delicious.

Recipe for Smoked Salmon Mousse

Smoked Salmon, Watercress & Mustard Terrine

This terrine is so simple and easy to make, but will look and taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.

Recipe for Smoked Salmon, Watercress & Mustard Terrine with Sesame Green Beans

Baked, Poached and Pan-Fried Healthy Salmon Recipes

Salmon is such a versatile fish. It responds well to many different cooking techniques because it remains deliciously tender and moist. Yum!

Salmon recipes 4x6
Salmon recipes 4x6

Summer Pan-fried Salmon

Pan-fried Salmon served with vegetables, roasted vine tomatoes and dill yoghurt.

Recipe for Summer Pan-fried Salmon

Lemongrass Salmon

The most delicious salmon recipe you’ll ever get your hands on!

Recipe for Lemongrass Salmon

salmon recipes - oven-baked-salmon-rolled-in-black-sesame-seeds
salmon recipes - salmon-nicoise-salad-salmon-and-sweet-mustard-dressing

Oven-baked Salmon Rolled in Black Sesame Seeds

The sesame seeds make a great crusty top for this delicate oven-baked salmon.

Recipe for Oven-baked Salmon Rolled in Black Sesame Seeds


A deliciously light yet filling salad, full of healthy omegas – perfect for summer.

Recipe for Niçoise Salad with Poached Salmon and Sweet Mustard Dressing

Fancy Salmon Recipes to Impress

Bring out the big guns with these recipes!

salmon recipes - salmon-mi-cuit-with-black-belgua-lentils
salmon recipes - spicy-salmon-squares-with-shaved-radish


Roughly translated from French, ‘mi-cuit’ means ‘half cooked’. This method of brining and slow cooking gives the salmon a succulent, tender texture.

Recipe for Salmon Mi-cuit

Salmon Squares with Shaved Radish

Delicate salmon with a kick of chilli. Serve as a stunning canapé when entertaining.

Recipe for Salmon Squares with Shaved Radish

Salmon Tartare Recipes

Salmon is delicious cooked or served raw, try out these tartare recipes to see how you can do it at home.

Salmon recipe 4x6
healthy Salmon recipes - salmon-tartar-with-pickled-radish-ponzu-reduction-and-guacamole

Smoked Salmon Tartare

This superb smoked salmon tartare salad is a must-try!

Recipe for Smoked Salmon Tartare

Salmon Tartar with Picked Radish, Ponzu Reduction and Guacamole

Deceivingly simple to prepare and such a showstopper.

Recipe for Salmon Tartar with Pickled Radish, Ponzu Reduction and Guacamole

Everyday Salmon Recipes

Nothing fancy, but so still so delish!

Puff Pastry Salmon Tart with Grilled Asparagus

This tart couldn’t be easier to make; golden puff pastry is topped with creamy cottage cheese, smoky salmon and fresh greens. Yum!

Recipe for Puff Pastry Salmon Tart

Spring Salmon and Spinach Poke Bowl

A vibrant and healthy poke bowl with spinach-flavoured rice, salmon, avo, edamame beans and Sriracha mayo.

Recipe for Spring Salmon and Spinach Poke Bowl

Need some help selecting what fish to buy? Check out our fish buying guide. Looking for some other fish recipe inspiration? Check out our favourite healthy fish recipes.

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