Where to Go Wine Tasting in Robertson

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The Robertson Wine Valley is known for producing great Chardonnays, owing to the terrior’s high limestone content. But, you should really experience all the wines on offer.

The valley, which consists of Ashton, Bonnievale, McGregor and Montague, is home to over 62 wine farms, ranging from small family-run vineyards to some of South Africa’s biggest wine producers. These are just a few farms you should visit when wine tasting in Robertson.

De Wetshof Estate

wine tasting in Robertson

The De Wetshof Estate boasts many fine vintages, but they’re most famous for their range of Chardonnay due to the pioneering role it played in introducing this Burgundy grape to the country. Each vineyard on the estate has a different composition of soil that ranges from rocky mountain gravel to riverside clay. All have a high limestone content, which is a key factor when producing fruit balanced wines.

With its crisp white buildings, rose bushes and jacaranda trees, the estate has become a well-known landmark for wine tasting in Robertson. Wine connoisseurs can also join their Inner Circle wine club.

Location: R 317 Robertson
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 | Sat: 09h30-13h00 | Closed Sun
Contact: 023 615 1853

dewetshof.com | Facebook | Instagram

Excelsior Wine Estate

where to go wine tasting in Robertson

If you’ve ever contemplated making your own wine, then you have to visit Excelsior Wine Estate and attempt making your very own red wine blend. First taste the three wines in their Reserve Range — Evanthius Cabernet Sauvignon, Gondolier Merlot and San Louis Shiraz, then concoct your own blend according to your preferences. Once done, you even get to bottle and label your creation for keepsake!

If you would rather leave the winemaking to the pros then we would recommend a tasting of their Reserve Range, especially a glass of the Evanthuis Cabernet Sauvignon.

Location: R317, Ashton
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10h00-16h00 | Sat: 10h00-15h00
Contact: 023 615 1980

excelsior.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Esona Boutique Wines

where to go wine tasting in Robertson

Experience a unique wine tasting experience at Esona’s underground wine fermentation tanks, where you get to compare two vintages from their single vineyard limited release wines. For those who believe any glass is good enough to drink wine from, their Riedel glass pairing with Lindt chocolates and local preserves will make you think twice.

Location: R317 between Robertson & Bonnievale
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11h00-17h00 | Sun: 10h00-17h00
Contact: 076 343 5833

esona.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Four Cousins

Four Cousins

Four Cousins has six wine pairings you can choose from that go against convention, but work wonderfully well, especially if you prefer the sweeter things in life — from frozen yoghurt to dark chocolate to biltong and macarons. The Four Cousins Collection Platter comes with a tasting of any two red and white blends — Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay,  Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinotage. It’s paired with a delicious savoury selection of prosciutto, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, olive tapenade and ciabatta.

Teetotallers get to join in on the fun with their Almost Zero De-alcoholised Wine Pairing. They even have a Kiddies Pairing (sans alcohol, of course). Once you’ve picked a favourite drink we would definitely recommend a meal at their restaurant.

Location: 3 Kromhout Str, Robertson
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h30-17h30 | Sat: 09h30-16h00 | Sun: 11h00-15h00
Contact: 023 615 1505

fourcousins.com | Facebook | Instagram

Graham Beck Estate

wine tasting in Robertson

The Graham Beck Estate has become a stalwart, producing some of South Africa’s finest Méthod Cap Classiques and gaining international recognition. The Graham Beck Cap Classique portfolio comprises three tiers — The Non-Vintage Collection, The Vintage Collection and The Prestige Collection. Each of these wines demonstrates its own authentic character, with exceptional individual attributes.

Graham Beck offers a Complimentary Cap Classique Tasting, Non-Vintage Collection, Vintage Collection Tasting, as well as a Delux Cap Classique & A Glass Act Tasting of five different MCCs. Delight in their Sparkle & Pop Gourmet Popcorn Pairing, which incorporates creative flavour combinations or try their Olive Oil Pairing of local olive oil infusions.

Location: R62, Robertson
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09h00-17h00 | Sat & Sun: 10h00-16h00
Contact: 023 626 1214

grahambeck.com | Facebook | Instagram

Jan Harmsgat Farm

where to go wine tasting in Robertson

If you happen to be spending a night at Jan Harmsgat (which we highly recommend), be sure to book a wine tasting experience. All the wines produced on the farm are single block, with only a few thousand bottled. During the colder months, enjoy your tasting next to the fireplace inside the over 200-year old building or enjoy the countryside views out on the terrace.

Their offering includes a tasting of JHG Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc, a game drive through the vineyards, sunset picnic and pomegranate picking. The Jan Harmsgat Experience is truly an immersive and unforgettable escapade.

Location: R60 District Bonnievale/Drew
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09h00-17h00 | *Appointment only
Contact: 087 012 5356

janharmsgat.com | Facebook | Instagram

Kalkveld at Zandvliet Estate

wine tasting in Robertson

Zandvliet’s tasting room, Kalkveld Lounge, offers the perfect atmosphere for wine tasting. Shiraz-lovers will appreciate their Hill of Enon Shiraz, harvested from small berry pickings, as well as the Zandvliet Shiraz offering, which has a ripe berry profile of plums, blackcurrants and mixed spice.

Other delicious wines in their Zandvliet collection include Chardonnay, Rosé and Muscat. Definitely a place worth adding to your wine tasting bucket list!

Location: Zandvliet Rd, Ashton
Hours: Mon-Fri: 10h00-15h00 | *Any other time/day by appointment only
Contact: 023 615 1505 | 023 615 1223

zandvliet.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Mont Blois Wine Estate

wine tasting in Robertson mont blois

The history of Mont Blois Wine Estate spans back to 1869, with three farms across the Robertson region. This six-generation family-owned farm has a stunning collection of single vineyard wines — Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc and Muscadel. All Mont Blois offerings have unique tasting notes, owing to the rich soil.

Location: Mont Blois Wine Estate, De Hoop, Robertson
Hours: Tues & Fri: From 13h00
Contact: 082 561 4139


Paul René at The Wonderfontein Estate

where to go wine tasting in Robertson

The beautiful family-run Wonderfontein Wine Estate is home to Paul René MCC. This boutique bubbly producer brings French Champagne traditions to Robertson. Named after their son  (a French tradition), Paul René, their MCC Brut is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes, another ode to the French way.

The exquisite Paul René Cap Classique range includes their Blanc de Blanc Brut Chardonnay, as well as Brut Rosé and Paul René Nectar — both being Pinot Noir and Chardonnay blends.

Location: Wonderfontein Wine Estate
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00 -17h00 | *Appointment only
Contact: 023 626 2212 | 0662584999

paulrene.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Rietvallei Wine Estate

Where to go wine tasting in rietvallie

Rietvallei counts among South Africa’s oldest family-owned wine estates and was one of the first wine farms established in the picturesque Robertson Wine Valley. It lies in the Klaasvoogds ward, a region with unique soil structures and climates ideal for wine grape cultivation.  The Manor House, which was built in 1940 and home to the Burger family for many years, was remodelled and transformed into the tasting centre and venue facilities.

Rietvallei has four different wine collections and also offer cheese platter and Belgian chocolate pairings, with a tasting of six of their classic wines. A visit to this farm feels like a sojourn at a family home, where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a fine selection of award-winning wines.

Location: R60 Robertson
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 | Sat & Public Holidays: 10h00-14h00 | *Booking is essential for groups bigger than 6
Contact: 023 626 3596

rietvallei.co.za | Facebook | Instagram

Rooiberg Winery

wine tasting in robertson

Looking for a date idea? Make a pit stop at Rooiberg Winery’s lover’s lock fence, snap a pic of South Africa’s biggest red chair and taste their award-winning wines.

Rooiberg’s claim to fame in the Robertson Valley is their range of Pinotage with mocha tasting notes, but they also have different styles to choose from. Their Rooiberg Standard Range is their largest portfolio and includes fifteen white and red wines. If you’re a Sauvignon fan, you must sample their Sauvignon Blanc, it has a delightful fruity tropical profile and is utterly divine.

Location: R62
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09h00-17h30 | Sat: 09h00-15h00 | Sun: 10h00-14h00
Contact: 023 626 1663

rooiberg.co.za | Facebook

Springfield Estate

Wine tasting in robertson springfield

Springfield Estate wines are all single vineyard wines and are the greatest expression of the estate. Each vineyard is planted in a specific site, according to the effect the terroir will have on the taste of the finished wine. You’ll definitely want to try their niche Wild Yeast Chardonnay, made using the natural yeast from Chardonnay grape skins. We also love that Springfield’s wine tasting experience is casual and their wine cellar tours are free of charge.

Location: R317 Robertson
Hours: Mon-Fri: 09h00-17h00 | Sat: 09h00-15h00 | *Booking essential for groups larger than 8
Contact: 023 626 3661

springfieldestate.com | Facebook | Instagram

Van Loveren

The Van Loveren Estate forms part of the Rietief family vineyard. But, before you visit the Tasting Room, you should check out the host of activities offered at the farm. Enjoy a walk around the grounds and learn about the history of the farm during a Garden Tour. For the more active, there are a number of MTB trails for cyclists, as well as trail runs.

You can choose to do a tasting with a selection of nibbles or a platter. To finish, visit Christina’s Bistro to enjoy your wine with a woodfired pizza. A lovely place to go wine tasting in Robertson.

Location: R317, between Bonnievale & Robertson, Klaasvoogds
Hours: Mon-Fri: 08h00-17h00 | Sat: 09h30-16h00 | Sun: 11h30-15h00
Contact: 023 615 1505

vanloveren.co.za | Facebook | Instagram


where to go wine tasting in Robertson

Experience Robertson from underground at Weltevrede with a guided tour of the tunnels. It includes a wine tasting by candlelight in the cisterns, built generations ago, using stones brought up from the Breede River by donkey cart. Weltevrede’s Captivated by Chardonnay tasting experience takes you through the history of the Robertson valley and you get to taste their fantastic Chardonnay collection.

Location: R317 Bonnievale Weltevrede Estate
Hours: Mon-Sat: 14h00-16h00
Contact: 023 616 2141

weltevrede.com | Facebook | Instagram

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