Where To Get the Best Gatsby in Cape Town

Words: Dumi Mparutsa

The gatsby is one of the most iconic dishes in Cape Town – a culinary landmark if you will. The super sandwich is traditionally filled with salad, loads of saucy chips and meat, all snugly held together by a soft white roll. If you want to keep it really traditional, go for viennas or polony as your filling, or if you want to jazz it up a little, try masala steak, curry or maybe chicken. They are usually pretty monstrous and will bust the biggest of hungers, so if you order a full one, make sure you have buddies with you to share it with. If you’re curious to find out where you can get your hands on one, look no further than this list of where to go to get the best Gatsby in Cape Town.

Best Gatsby in Cape Town - Yusras Kitchen

Places to get the best Gatsby in Cape Town

Mariam’s Kitchen

Mariam’s Kitchen is one of the most popular lunchtime destinations in the CBD. The team at Mariam’s specialise in making tasty dishes like salomies, steak sandwiches and the great gatsby. Boasting 11 different filling options and you get to choose between eating a full or half gatsby. Their marvellous mutton curry filling is known as the best gatsby on the menu, however, that’s for you to decide. The next time you’re famished, head down to Mariam’s Kitchen and treat your tastebuds to a mouthwatering meal.

Location: 31 Heerengracht St, Cape Town City Centre
Good to know: grab a side order of samoosas while you wait.
Why you’ll love it: you can sit inside the dining room and enjoy your meal.
What we loved: the mutton curry gatsby.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 07h00-17h00 | Sat: 08h00-16h00 | Sun: Closed
Contact: 021 421 3636


Best Gatsby in Cape Town - Mariams Kitchen


This takeaway restaurant is located in Wynberg and it’s known as an institution when it comes to the art of making a gatsby. Aneesa’s popular vienna filling is topped with salad, slap chips and a tasty secret sauce, which is one of many reasons why customers always come back.

Location: 86 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town
Good to know: this is the home of the vienna and chip parcel.
Why you’ll love it: the welcoming atmosphere.
What we loved: the secret sauce.
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 10h00-22h30 | Fri: 13h30-02h00 : Sat: 10h00-00h00 | Sun: Closed
Contact: 021 797 5682


Best Gatsby in Cape Town - Aneesas

Golden Dish

Golden Dish is another place that serves up a tasty Gatsby in Cape Town. It’s been around for a long time and is always consistent. Golden Dish has over 30 different fillings you can choose from including a vegetarian option, which consists of the roll topped with salad, a generous helping of slap chips, cheese and peri-naise. If you’re a carnivore we suggest trying their full house masala steak gatsby – it’ll bust your hunger and then some.

Location: 7, Block 1, Gatesville Shopping Centre, 1 Hazel Rd & Klipfontein Rd, Gatesville
Good to know: they have 30 different options on the menu.
Why you’ll love it: the gatsbys are seriously tasty.
What we loved: that they cater for vegetarians.
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 09h00-02h00 | Fri-Sat: 09h00-06h00 | Sun: Closed
Contact: 021 633 7864


Best Gatsby in Cape Town - Golden Dish

Cosy Corner

Take a 20-minute drive out of the CBD, head down to Wynberg and you’ll find Cosy Corner, widely known as the restaurant that has perfected making the gatsby. The flavour packed into their incredible lamb curry filling is one of the reasons that makes Cosy Corner a no-brainer in terms of where to get the best gatsby in Cape Town. The next time you plan a lunch with your friends, round them up and take a trip to Cosy Corner – make sure you take your appetite with you.

Location: 119 Ottery Rd, Wynberg, Cape Town
Good to know: they are the home of the gatsby.
Why you’ll love it: the relaxed environment.
What we loved: the lamb curry gatsby.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 09h00-00h00 | Sat: 12h00-02h00 | Sun: 09h00-23h00
Contact: 021 797 2498


Best Gatsby in Cape Town - cosy Corner

Super Fisheries

Super Fisheries is situated in Athlone and, Rashaad Pandy, the inventor of the gatsby, runs this joint. Pay your respects by visiting the store and have one of their delicious meals made by a culinary OG. The man has been churning out amazing takeaway food since the early seventies, so you’re bound to have your taste buds rocked when you tuck into their famed calamari gatsby, topped with salad and well-seasoned slap chips. Make a turn at Super Fisheries to get the original and best gatsby in Cape Town and experience a little bit of Cape history at the same time.

Location: 63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone.
Good to know: the gatsby was invented here.
Why you’ll love it: you’ll get to meet the gatsby’s inventor.
What we loved: the calamari gatsby – winning!
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 08h00-18h00 | Fri: 08h00-12h00 | 14h00-18h00 | Sat: 08h00-15h00 | Sun: Closed
Contact: 021 696 9833

Best Gatsby in Cape Town - Super Fisheries

Yusra’s Kitchen

If you want to bust your hunger and you stay in the CBD, head down to Yusra’s Kitchen in Sea Point. Pick up a mouthwatering gatsby packed with all the trimmings; salad, golden brown slap chips and a sauce of your choice (we recommend the BBQ sauce). They have a number of other choices and the full gatsby is monolithic, so we suggest you get your friends together, grab a table and tuck into to a chunk of pure carb happiness. Maybe consider a walk along the promenade afterwards to work off some of the calories, or maybe a snooze on the grass in the sunshine will be more likely.

Location: 44 Main Street, Sea Point, Cape Town
Good to know: get a side order of their samosas.
Why you’ll love it: great value.
What we loved: their vienna gatsby.
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 08h30-23h00
Contact: 021 439 4883

usras-Kitchen-Best Gatsby in Cape Town

Farm Stall Takeaway

Located in Ottery, this takeaway joint specialises in making tasty gatsbys like their popular masala steak gatsby. With the steak cooked to perfection, topped with caramelised onions, salad and chips, it’s not hard to see why this spot is a hit with locals. Boasting a number of other amazing flavours and combinations, you should definitely check out Farm Stall the next time you’re feeling hungry – their delicious gatsby will sort you right out.

Location:  Next To Makro, 52 Ottery Rd, Ottery, Cape Town
Good to know: grab a side order of tasty half-moons while you wait.
Why you’ll love it: great value for money.
What we loved: their speciality; the masala steak gatsby.
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs: 09h00-22h00 | Fri-Sat: 09h00-00h00 | Sun: 13h00-20h00
Contact: 021 704 2211

Want to make your own gatsby? Check out this recipe for a Peri Peri Chicken Liver Gatsby

Yusras-Kitchen-Best- Best Gatsby in Cape Town

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