Urban Spirits’ Rare Whisky: Single Malt By Default

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Movie scenes have centred around it. Entire songs have been dedicated to the culture of imbibing it. Frank Sinatra is rumoured to have been buried with his favourite bottle of it, and Winston Churchill made it a staple drink for breakfast. Joining these legends, Katherine Hepburn, James IV and Margaret Thatcher, were renowned for enjoying this timeless tipple. Yes, we’re talking about whisky. Single Malt, blended, barrel-proof whisky. In this world, your preference is not frowned upon, as long as the preference is for whisky.

World Whisky Day with Urban Spirits

With World Whisky Day taking place on Saturday the 20th of May 2023, it’s the perfect time to have a double dram and celebrate the ‘water of life’. Host your own shindig or find an event near you – however you choose to celebrate, make sure to treat yourself to the finest whiskies on offer with Urban Spirits.

Savouring a rare and collectable whisky is an experience well worth the price. Take for example, a James Bond favourite – The Macallan. A remarkably rare release, matured in a single hand-crafted European sherry oak butt and slumbered for fifty long years. Natural colour, distinctive aromas and full flavours are at the heart of this single malt. Ms. Hepburn would have fallen in love on the spot with this very rare treat, or the Single Cask Balvenie…

Distilled in 1951, the 45-year-old single sherry cask Balvenie was hand-bottled at The Balvenie distillery.

This exceptionally rare vintage whisky (just 90 bottles produced) was specially selected by The Balvenie Master, David Stewart, from a limited stock of Ancient Reserve Whiskies. Early vintage Balvenie bottles are incredibly rare gems, a must for any serious collection.

Invest in the Rarest of Whiskies

Whether you enjoy drinking whisky or want to start a personal collection of rare, investment whiskies, now is the time to begin exploring this world of, aptly referred to – both for the taste and the potential return – Liquid Gold.

Tip to invest in whisky: “Treat it like any other important investment and enlist the help of an expert like Urban Spirits. We can advise you, assist with the import process and keep an eye out for possible inferior products” – Reinhardt Paulsen, owner of Urban Spirits.

The old, the new, the rare and the exclusive – Urban Spirits has sourced whiskies that most people will never see in their lifetime. As the owner of Urban Spirits, Reinhardt Paulsen is a purveyor of rare and sought-after spirits from across the globe, and suggests that collectors begin their own collection with a known brand. Alternative assets like whisky, gold and art have become more attractive prospects for those in the know, and rare whisky alone has seen its value rise by 586% over the past ten years.


Bookmark Saturday the 20th of May – dust off that evening dress or suit and start your journey into the fabulously chic world of whisky. It is time!

Become a whisky connoisseur and start your collection with Urban Spirits. Explore their standard range of whiskies, or invest in their rare whisky offerings

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