Try Something New at The Beverage Club

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This festive season, The Beverage Club is inviting you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. They’re rolling out the red carpet to offer you the best from whiskey to rum and everything in between. Whether it’s short, tall, a cocktail or a mocktail, The Beverage Club are offering the best of whatever you’re looking for.

The Crème de la Crème of Curated Boxes

Enjoy a curated collection of the creme de la creme of local and international spirits that are bound to kick of the festive season with a bang and keep the good times rolling.

MOOD Gin’s Mixed Spirits Tasting Box offers a spirits tour from local craft producers all over South Africa. A box of 24 different spirits ranging from vodka to brandy, the Mixed Spirits Tasting Box is the perfect gift for someone who likes a taste of everything.

If you’re someone with a particular penchant for tequila, the Agave Collection brings together five blancos and reposados that will bring a new appreciation for this complex spirit.

For a mellower mood, the League of Beers Mixed Beer Case samples all the best brews from Limpopo to the Cape. The perfect gift for those who can’t get enough of South Africa’s craft brews.

Something for Everyone

You couldn’t ask for an easier gift guide — The Beverage Club makes it super easy to buy something special and nuanced for your loved ones.

Want to learn more about tequila? Learn more about your favourite spirit here. | Facebook | Instagram

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