Tiger’s Milk Restaurant and Bar Muizenberg

CRUSH VISITS - March 2014

‘They could have gone all fancy and expensive but instead they chose to create a space that you can kick back and relax.’

Opening hours:
Mon - Sun, lunch & dinner

Tiger’s Milk Corner of Beach and Sidmouth Roads Muizenberg

021 788 1869 | e w


Situated on Muizenberg beach front, Tiger’s Milk is one of those places that is just too cool not to visit again. The place is huge and it’s filled with awesome stuff like airplane propellers and motorbikes on the walls. It has a definite masculine vibe to it, but considering they pride themselves on their ‘dude food’ menu it’s no wonder.

In fact, the thing I like most about the place is the dude food approach. They could have gone all fancy and expensive but instead they chose to create a space that you can kick back and relax in.

Tiger’s Milk is all about pizzas, burgers, ribs and steaks. If that’s not four reasons to visit then there’s something wrong with you. I was in the mood for steak and after a quick scan of the meat blackboard and much to-ing and

fro-ing, I settled for a 450g T-bone, oh yeah! The T-bone is one of my favourite cuts because it’s a two-for-one deal. It’s cut from the short loin and has fillet on one side of the bone and a strip of sirloin on other.

I ordered mine rare with a pepper sauce, and as I waited I sipped on a Devil’s Peak IPA. When my steak arrived it was everything I hoped it would be – stout and fat.

Most people want a steak as big as their head but you often end up with a wide yet thin steak. For me stout and fat is the way to go. As I sliced in, the knife glided through with ease to reveal a perfect rare centre. Just as I was about to shovel the entire steak in my face, I was reminded by the editor that we needed to take pics first…

After a hasty snap session, I dived in and I can confidently say my steak was excellent. It was beautifully cooked and had a light coating of some delicious marinade. My pepper sauce was dark, spicy and added an extra flavour kick. The meat was seriously tender and flavourful, which are both signs of quality beef that’s been aged correctly.

All in all, Tiger’s Milk gets a roar of approval and I can’t wait to visit again.

Real dude food, comfy & casual