The World’s Most Advanced Blender – the Greenis® Smart Power Blender

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greenis competition banner April 2018With slick looks to match its incredible power and unmatched versatility – the new Greenis® smart power blender is a must-have item for the health conscious,  fitness foodie and kitchen enthusiast who wants a professional blender that can do it all!

The Greenis blender combines the latest smart kitchen technology with the highest standards of craftsmanship and engineering.  It houses one of the most powerful motors available in a blender, able to extract the maximum nutritional value from smoothies, nut butters, nut flours, dips, purées and soups.   Digital touchscreen control takes blending to another level, with 6 Smart Blend programmes for smoothies, soups, hot drinks, sauces, grinding and juicing. There is even an option to create and save your very own blending programmes.

The combination of raw power and digital control transforms the Greenis power blender into a versatile kitchen machine that does so much more than just blend.

It has the ability to knead dough, blitz up granitas and sorbets, heat soups and drinks, make nut flours, milks and butters and of course, whip up smoothies, dips and purees faster and smoother than ever before.

The commercial grade Japanese stainless steel blades can handle any task and the 2 Litre Tritan Jug is 100% BPA free and super durable. The Greenis smart power blender is built to work hard in your kitchen and made to last.

Recommended retail price of R4 699, available at takealot, in black or white.

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Greenis® competition banner April 2018


  1. Such a Cornucopia of what this Greenis Blender can do its thoroughly amazing! We love smoothies but don’t have a smoothy machine – besides everything it’s capable of doing; amazing smoothie which come to mind are cucumber, apple, mint and Matcha.
    So very many varieties – beetroot and berries or just very berry ( strawberries/blueberries/raspberries and blackberries) the combinations are endless incorporating Turmeric and Ginger! Naaice.
    The fact that you can actually make your own home-made flours and BUTTER is just brilliant!
    A friend gave me a recipe to make one’s own Nutella Spread – it’s thoroughly awesome especially spread on croissant dough before rolling up and baking Yummiliciousness so, so many options its marvellous!

  2. I would Love to win this Awesome Blender as it would really help with the healthier lifestyle i raise my three little ones with.

  3. Stunning tool to have for the ultimate foodie, that’s me. A place in my kitchen is reserved for this piece of great invention .

  4. It would be such a wonderful appliance to have. Essential to have a good blender for a healthy life style. Fingers crossed for this magnificent giveaway.

  5. I would looooovvvve to win this AMA-ZING giveaway
    Crush! I currently only have a hand blender (embarrassing🤦🏻‍♀️) and would love the smooth results from Greenis South Africa
    My (not so smooth) smoothies take A LOT of patience, sweat & tears! Fingers and toes crossed 🤞🏻🙏🏻

  6. I am dreaming about this giveaway and everything I would be able to accomplish with the Greenis South Africa It is definitely a must-have for me Crush! Fingers & toes crossed AND holding thumbs!

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