The 2015 Crush Advent Calendar Begins Soon!

Words: Crush

The tradition of the Advent calendar goes back many years and is used in many countries around the world in different ways. The classic one we all knew as kids hides a festive chocolate behind each little cardboard door. The anticipation of opening that door each morning is almost too much to bear.

The annual Crush Advent Calendar is due to start shortly and we are super excited. We have upped the ante from a small little chocolate, to some fabulous daily prizes. We literally have weeks of gifts up for grabs and each day will reveal something new. Whether you’re into drinking wine, entertaining or cooking, there will be something that you’ll love. There is simply no better way to count down the weeks until the holiday’s are here.

To be eligible to win you need to be a Crush subscriber – so if you aren’t one yet – sign up now right HERE. If you share your entry on social media channels you will automatically have extra entries added in your name, so share away to increase your chances.

Keep an eye on your inbox, the first prize will be up for grabs shortly!


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