Thava Restaurant at the GrandWest Casino, takes Indian cuisine to new heights

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A new taste of India is available at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World. Thava Indian Restaurant, which has delighted many Indian cuisine aficionados in its 13 years history in Norwood, Montecasino, Suncoast Casino, Hotels & Entertainment and at the Boathouse hotel in Ballito, is building on this success with a fifth restaurant at the GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World.

Inspired by the diverse range of provincial Indian cuisines, Thava takes guests on a culinary journey of flavours, promising the traditional flavours we all know and love, presented in a unique way.

The Inspiration Behind the Thava Indian Restaurants

The Thava restaurants are co-owned by Mathew Abraham and Jay Haripersad, under the consultancy of Chef Philippe Frydman, the 2020 World Chef Humanitarian award recipient. Thava has its roots in Kerala, India, affectionately known as God’s own country. Mathew explains that ‘Kerala is a blend of different cultures and religions – Hindu, Christian and Muslim – and these influences are reflected in the blend of flavours’. Thava restaurants are renowned for their use of the freshest local ingredients and their aromatic dishes.

Foodies can also indulge in Durban’s favourites such as Bunnies, mutton curries and the like at any of the Thava branches.

Thava has long been an award-winning restaurant and recipient of many American Express Fine Dining Awards, RASA service excellence awards, Diners Club Wine List Awards, and numerous other accolades on various blogs and social network platforms. Now, with the opening of their fifth branch at Grandwest Casino, Cape Town, Thava fans can expect the same expert hospitality and delicious food at their latest branch.

At the launch (Thursday, 16 March), co-owner Mather Abraham took the stage before media attendees and first-time diners to thank the general public for supporting their labour of love. Although many aspects remain consistent across Thava restaurant branches, some new menu delights are in store…

On the Menu at Thava Restaurant

A special feature soon to come is their ‘taste the menu platter’, where guests can taste of a variety of tapas-style Indian dishes. For guests preferring to stick to one dish, Thava GrandWest offers a mouthwatering array of vegetarian, vegan, lamb, chicken and seafood dishes to select from. The menu includes fragrant curries, biryanis and stews, spicy Tandoori and masala dishes; all served with traditional breads, rice dishes and side dishes of freshly prepared chutneys, pickles or vegetables. All are welcome to dine at Thava, as all meats are strictly Halal and they do not infuse foods with alcohol.

The kitchen is in open view, allowing diners to see how all the dishes are expertly prepared by their team of chefs – a guaranteed experience at any Thava restaurant. The breads made in the Tandoor oven include a generous selection of Indian flatbreads, including the unique Kerala Paratha, a flaky, crispy bread; and the ever-popular naan and roti.

Thava’s latest feature is the ‘Street Cart’, from which you can enjoy of variety of Indian street Chaat food, a feast for all palates. Chaat or chāt is a family of savoury snacks that originated in India, typically served as hors d’oeuvres or at roadside tracks from stalls or food carts in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. With its origins in India, Chaat has become immensely popular across the rest of Asia and the world.

To complete the meal, the dessert offering includes traditional Indian sweet confections and specialty coffees.

Thava GrandWest promises to be as popular as its big sisters around the country, attracting those familiar with their Indian cuisine, as well as newcomers. Added to that, the warm ambiance and friendly service have proved to be as excellent as their full food offering. Thava GrandWest also caters for private functions, office parties, external catering and take-away orders, offering various set menus and specials that change daily.

For bookings, please contact Thava GrandWest on 021 591 0323 or via email.

Location: GrandWest Casino Complex, 1 Jakes Gerwel Dr, Goodwood
Hours: open daily 11h30–21h30 | Instagram

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