Taco Your Time at El Burro’s Taqueria

Words: Crush

The taco has taken over. Big bursts of flavour encapsulated in a small bite, the taco arrives in either a soft tortilla or a crisp corn shell and is the perfect on-the-go food. Add a brightly coloured dinette that provides myriad variations of these Mexican morsels on Cape Town’s Kloof Nek road and one has a recipe for success.


Taqueria, local institution El Burro’s latest venture, looks like a pastel-hued beachside diner circa Cuba 1955, but the menu is all modern — expect a selection of tacos, quesadillas and various other south-of-the-border snacks. El Burro is famous for their pulled pork Carnitas and Taqueria’s version with seasonal salsa and chicarrons doesn’t disappoint. My personal favourite is the Baja-style fish taco with smoked jalapeno & avocado — a dish that literally tastes of summer.


Taqueria reminds one of balmy days and ocean breezes — a feat that tricky considering that they’re perched on the very rim of the city bowl. Although vastly different from El Burro’s smoky intimacy, Taqueria has contemporary freshness to it that both complements and advertises the quality of the ingredients used. Think a retro-styled cafeteria menu that sits above the till, pale pine tables and banquette seating. Cheerful African violets and gerberas adorn the walls and the checkerboard tiles reinforce the diner aesthetic without coming across as gimmicky. The selection of dishes are concise but not stingy, and there’s sure to be something to tempt every tastebud. Sweet treats aren’t neglected either, so give the churros or a cup of spiced Mexican hot chocolate a try.


Definitely a breakfast, lunch and dinner spot that caters both to those refueling on the run as well as groups that are looking for fun food to share.

Find Taqueria at Shop 1, 12 – 16 Kloof Nek Road, corner of Kloof Nek and New Church Street, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town or give them a call on 021 422 3554 or email taqueria@elburro.co.za to book.


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