Sophisticated Summer Entertaining with Inverroche Gin & Limestone Rum

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Inverroche BannerSummer is here, holidays are in sight and there’s plenty of plans for festive soirees in the works. There couldn’t be a better time to get acquainted with Inverroche’s range of gins and their beautiful rum. Not only do we enjoy these in our glass but incorporating them into dishes makes them even more versatile and exciting. We’ve used Inverroche’s Classic, Verdant and Coco L’Orange gins, as well as their Limestone Rum to create four dishes worthy of your very best party this season. Make your summer entertaining even more stylish and sophisticated with Inverroche.

Summer Entertaining with Inverroche

Gibson Cocktail Oysters with Lime

Inverroche Classic Gins

If you’ve binge-watched Netflix’s latest series The Queen’s Gambit, then you no doubt saw The Gibson cocktail making an appearance. 

The origin of the drink is unclear but some stories suggest that it was the invention of illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, famous for the drawings of the Gibson Girl – the ultimate icon of femininity. It is said that he asked a bartender to improve on the already famous martini and this was the result. What makes this cocktail iconic and differentiates it from its sister drink, is the inclusion of a pickled onion instead of an olive. Which also might give rise to another claim to its invention by an onion farmer in California. Whether it’s one of these or another story, the fact remains that the vermouth and gin cocktail is characterised by its garnish of a small white pickled onion.

In this recipe we combine two favourites – freshly shucked oysters and the Gibson cocktail to make perfect summer party canapé.

Prepare a Gibson cocktail using Inverroche Classic Gin, spoon over freshly shucked oysters, add a sprinkle of lime zest and garnish with a pickled onion. Checkmate – sophisticated party food, sorted. Best enjoyed with an Inverroche Classic Gin Gibson cocktail. 

Get the Recipe for Gibson Cocktail Oysters with Lime

Citrusy Summer Salad with Gin Dressing

Inverroche Coco L'Orange

Everyone has their go-to summer salad and this one is quickly becoming one of our favourites. Probably because it’s so simple to prepare but really packs a punch with citrusy flavour. Also, isn’t it pretty?

We’ve used a combination of grapefruit and oranges in the salad because together they have beautiful colour and contrasting flavours – the grapefruit adds a juicy bitterness and the oranges balance with sweetness.

For the dressing, we’ve used Inverroche Coco L’Orange to give flavour and complexity, balanced by the sweetness of honey and freshly squeezed orange juice. We’ve opted to use blue cheese because we love its pungency but if you prefer something lighter, try a mild chevin or even a creamy Danish feta. Combined with the crunch of nuts and the freshness of cucumber and kiwi, this salad is a summer winner.

Get the Recipe for this Citrusy Summer Salad with Gin Dressing

Gin Cured Angelfish on Bruschetta with Smashed Avo

Summer Entertaining with Inverroche Angelfish CevicheInverroche Verdant

Because we enjoy a summery festive season in South Africa with plenty of outdoors entertaining,  keeping things light and fresh is key. While it’s commonplace to cure fattier fish like trout or salmon, even tuna, we wanted to create an even lighter option, hence we opted for Angelfish. 

The citrusy curing mix has the addition of Inverroche Verdant Gin, which adds a warm spicy note, balanced with freshness from lime and orange juice. 

We love this cured fish piled on top of toasted ciabatta slices with a generous spread of smashed avo to hold it all together. It’s the perfect light bite or starter for a dinner party and will be enjoyed on any festive table spread. 

Get the Recipe for Gin Cured Angelfish on Bruschetta with Smashed Avo

Pineapple Tarte Tatin with Rum Caramel

Summer Entertaining with Inverroche Pineapple Rum Tarte Tatin

Can’t plan that island getaway this year? Have no fear, we have a way to transport you to a tropical destination with just one bite. This Pineapple Tarte Tatin is going to be your go-to summer dessert – fresh pineapple slices snuggly tucked into golden pastry with a sticky rum caramel, sensational! 

Inverroche Limestone Rum has complex spice and wooded notes, with a roasted coffee and peated finish and these flavours round out the sweetness of this dessert beautifully.

While you may not immediately think of Tarte Tatin for a summer dish, trust us, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, it’s like the best pina colada in dessert form. It really is dessert escapism, best enjoyed with your eyes closed, envisioning palm trees swaying in the breeze, with the soft melody of island marimbas in the background… 

Get the Recipe for this Pineapple Tarte Tatin with Rum Caramel

Summer entertaining with Inverroche is the way to do it; make sure your bar is stocked ahead of the season and enjoy delicious recipes and of course, premium cocktails to go along with them. | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterInverroche Banner

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