Have a Sweet Festive Season with First Choice Velvet Flavoured Dairy Desserts

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Have yourself a decadently sweet festive season with any one of First Choice Velvet Flavoured Dairy Desserts. Available in chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch and strawberry, it’s the perfect choice to top off a delicious dinner, take to Christmas parties, treat at a scrumptious brunch, or enjoy as treats while opening gifts under the Christmas tree.

Your Dessert Menu Sorted In A Jiffy

Your much-loved family recipes will come together in the form of cheerful ice lollies, scrumptious trifle, decadent mousse, butterscotch pudding, homemade koeksisters or anything else you can dream up. It can also be whipped, which increases the mixture by 50%, making it a feast for the whole family to enjoy this jolly season!

The tasty dairy flavoured dessert is made from First Choice G-Free milk, which means the milk is commercially sterilised, and free from pathogens and micro-organisms that can develop during storage.

First Choice Velvet has no added preservatives, is made from more than 50% full cream milk and contains real cream.

The product comes in convenient, easy-to-pour 1 litre cartons. The environmentally friendly carton is made from more than 80% plant-based raw materials and the whole pack is 100% recyclable. The new closures are partly made from sugar cane, which is a renewable resource that can be sustainably planted and harvested.

First Choice’s delicious milk and dairy products are filled with the natural goodness of milk that is sourced mainly from pasture-fed cows. First Choice Velvet Flavoured Dessert are available online and stocked by leading supermarkets around the country.

If you want to see a full range of delectable, quick and easy recipes by First Choice make sure to click here. We promise they are delicious as they are appealing. What more could you want this Festive Season! First Choice – The Good Choice.

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