SKYY® Vodka Launches a New Look & Restyles the Vodka-Soda (with a Twist)

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The coastline has a way of invoking all of our senses. Picture standing on the ocean’s edge… eyes closed, toes dug into wet sand, gentle breeze in the hair. The late afternoon sun warms the skin, the crash of waves provides background noise and the faint salinity of sea air as you lick your lips reminds you that nature is always at work. Drawing inspiration from languid ocean breezes, SKYY® Vodka presents a new summer vodka-soda experience, imbued with Pacific Coast minerals and pairing perfectly with a grapefruit twist.

Meet your New Summertime Staple

Since 1992, SKYY® has been supplying the global market with premium vodka that has inspired elegant cocktail parties, social trends and a more exciting way of life.  Their ground-breaking quadruple distillation and triple filtration production process yielded a clean and smooth tasting vodka with fewer impurities than other brands. However, never satisfied to rest on their award-winning laurels, the brand has taken it to a new level.

This year, SKYY® offers us a refreshed take on their award-winning vodka, now made with water enhanced by Pacific minerals. Along with it is a new summertime staple — an upgraded vodka-soda where the Pacific coast minerality is balanced by a burst of citrus garnish.


Inspired by a new generation of vodka drinkers, SKYY® sought to develop a vodka that would complement lighter, more fresh-tasting drinks, such as a refreshing vodka-soda with a grapefruit twist.

“At SKYY®, we saw soda water emerge as the top mixer and quickly recognized an opportunity to transform the vodka category once again by offering our consumers something truly unique and in direct response to their evolved preferences for lighter-, cleaner-, and fresher-tasting drinks,” says Julka Villa, Managing Director of GSM Spirits for The Campari Group.

Just add Grapefruit

SKYY® adds character and smoothness to their original recipe by making use of water enhanced with Pacific minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area. Sodium, calcium, and magnesium are harvested from the Bay area and potassium and additional calcium are added as well.

This addition not only enhances the mouthfeel of the spirit, but also offers a subtle salinity that pairs well with a citrus twist, such as grapefruit. The zesty aroma of the fruit is enhanced, while the bitterness of the peel is reduced, resulting in a balanced, fresh-tasting drink, perfect for sipping on while lounging by the pool in the hot, summer sun.


Crafted by Experts

SKYY®’s reboot brought together a diverse collective of experts including a water sommelier, a chemist, and a professional bartender, all uniquely equipped to create a spirit designed to add character to any cocktail experience.

Skyy vodkaSKYY®’s team realised that a level of complexity was added when incorporating minerals into their distillation process and noted how this opened up a world of possibilities when developing vodka-based drinks and cocktails.

The result was a liquid that is fresh and clean on the nose, with a hint of fruit and toasted grain, coupled with a clean, smooth taste on the palate.

With a New Look to Boot

Skyy vodkaInspired by home, SKYY®’s refreshed packaging design reflects San Francisco’s natural character. The new bottle features a sophisticated and sleek appearance, with a lighter, more natural blue tone. Ripples and ridges reflect the waves of the Pacific Ocean and the bottle showcases a restyled white logo. The new look is picture-perfect and will add elegance to any dinner party table or bar counter.

Your Summer with SKYY®

Planning a dinner party or festive celebration? Kick it off with a welcome drink to whet your guest’s appetite – the classic SKYY® Vodka & Soda. This is the quintessential way to experience the true flavour and crafted quality of SKYY®.

SKYY® Vodka & Soda

Your simplified summer staple. Just add friends.

1 ½ parts SKYY® Vodka
4 ½ parts soda water
Grapefruit peel

Glass: Highball
Garnish: Grapefruit peel

Method: Fill a highball glass with cubed ice. Add 1 ½ parts of SKYY® Vodka. Top with soda. Squeeze the grapefruit peel over the top and add to the cocktail as garnish.

Level it Up

Once you’ve served the classic, add some interactive flair to your guest’s experience by setting up a vodka- soda bar and offer a variety of citrus and herb condiments to try out. For some inspiration, try these cocktails from expert bartender and cocktail educator, Don Lee.

SKYY® Garden Mule

Like the storied Moscow mule, but even more refreshing with mint leaves and crisp cucumber rounds for the perfect garden party cocktail.

5-6 mint leaves
2-3 cucumber rounds
½ part lime juice
1 ½ parts SKYY® Vodka
Ginger Beer

Glass: Collins
Garnish: Cucumber round or spear, mint leaf/bundle

Method: Muddle mint and cucumber in a glass. Add ice and combine remaining ingredients. Top with ginger beer. Garnish with cucumber and mint.

SKYY® Turtledove

This cocktail is both simple to make and quick to please. Use fresh grapefruit juice for the ultimate burst of flavor

2 parts SKYY® Vodka
1 part Grapefruit juice
½ parts Simple syrup
2 Basil leaves
Pinch of salt
4 parts Soda

Glass: Collins
Garnish: Grapefruit peel/basil

Method: Add first five ingredients to tin and shake with ice. Strain into Collins glass. Top with soda and garnish.

Add style and an understated edge to your drinks trolley with a bottle of the all-new SKYY® Vodka.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Drink responsibly

Party Inspiration

Looking for stylish yet laid back snacks for your next get together? Try these recipes, perfectly paired with your SKYY® Vodka cocktails.

Kataifi-wrapped Halloumi

Halloumi cheese is wrapped in finely shredded pastry ribbons and then deep fried until golden – heavenly for snacking!

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Crispy Chicken Dippers with Artichoke & Lemon Mayonnaise

A delicious snack or platter idea for informal entertaining. Combine with a generous salad and you have a perfect lunch or dinner option.

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Whipped Feta Dip with Chunky Green Olive Salsa Verde

Say hello to your new fav party dish. This creamy cheese combo is delish smothered on toasted baguette and topped with a zesty green olive salsa.

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Baba Ganoush with Sesame Lavash

A delicious Middle Eastern smoked aubergine dip with unleavened crisp bread for dipping. Party guests will love this moreish dip scooped up on crispy lavash.

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