Sit-Down Restaurants Allowed To Reopen Under ‘Advanced’ Level 3

Words: Katrina Rose Wind

President Ramaphosa announced Wednesday evening that Level 3 will enter a new ‘advanced’ phase. Under this new phase, a number of businesses will be allowed to reopen, including sit-down restaurants. To ensure the public’s safety, strict rules and regulations will be put in place. There are still around 34,000 active cases of Covid-19 in South Africa. The reopening of businesses is due to the severe economic impact Covid-19 has had on the South African economy, not because case numbers are decreasing.

Advanced Level 3 – Regulations for Restaurants

Everything still seems to be up in the air, but the new regulations put in place for sit-down restaurants to reopen will be as follows:

-Alcohol will not be allowed to be served on site.
-Restaurants must limit the number of customers who can use a sit-in service.
-1.5 metres between customers, the staff is responsible for making sure that customers adhere to this policy. 1 meter between customers who came together.

What Some Local CPT Restaurants and Cafes are Doing To Ensure Safety

We spoke to three locals restaurants that will be reopening after having closed their doors some 100 days ago. We got the lowdown on what new safety precautions and what new rules will be put in place to ensure the public’s safety from the coronavirus.

I Love The Dough, the popular Bree Street Pizzeria, is eager for their doors to reopen and let customers enjoy their favourite pizza under their famous pink, neon lights. They are putting in place the proper precautions so that their customers feel safe during their dining experience.

restaurants reopen

– They will continue to sanitise and wash the restaurant floors, walls, tables and chairs daily and after every customer visit.
– They have installed multiple hand sanitiser points in the restaurant on the walls and front door.
– They have collaborated with Mr Yum and each table will have a QR sticker that has a code that you can scan and view the menu, so as to minimise contact and the passing around of menus.
– Each table will have its own hand sanitiser bottle for customers to use placed next to the salt and pepper.
– Tables and spacing will be done according to government guidelines at 1 m.
– All staff will have their temperature readings done daily upon arriving at work. If any employees show symptoms they will then have them tested for any infections and take the necessary steps to ensure everyone’s safety.
– All kitchen staff will have face masks as well as the plastic face shields in the kitchen full-time.
– Their front of house staff will all wear required PPE and face masks as required.

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Lazari, the friendly Vredehoek neighbourhood cafe, can’t wait to have some of their favourite locals come back in for coffee and their mouth-watering desserts. This lockdown period has given them time to reset and think of some changes that they’d like to make. They are looking forward to ensuring that they adhere to the new regulations that will be put in place.

restaurants reopen

– All staff’s temperatures are taken daily and they will check in with each other before work every morning to see how they are all feeling.
– Washing their hands as soon as they walk into the shop in the morning and then washing and disinfecting their hands every 30 minutes thereafter.
– Disinfecting the credit card machine before and after every use.
– Face masks will be worn at all times.
– Practicing social distancing in the kitchen.
– The tables will be laid out so there is enough space between every table.
– Sanitise every person’s hands who enters the shop.
– There are hand sanitisers placed around the shop for customers and for the staff to use as they need.
– Disinfect all the supplies that enter the shop.
– Disinfect all tables and chairs after every use.
– Wash and disinfect all crockery and cutlery after every use. | Instagram

The Shop, a contemporary casual bistro in Seapoint, are looking forward to rebuilding their business from the first day of trade. They mentioned that it’s been a bumpy ride not only for them but for everyone in the restaurant industry. They hope that after the reopening it won’t take too long to get back up on their feet again.

restaurants reopen

– Taking the standard required measures so as to keep their guests and staff safe whilst trying not to lose the essence of the space.
– Social distancing will be adhered to 1,5 m between tables.
– Laminated menus stuck to the table that can be wiped down between sittings.
– Masks worn by staff and sanitiser upon entering.
– Washing and disinfecting will be done regularly.

They noted that they will learn a lot from the process and will have to adapt very quickly. | Instagram

Disclaimer: All these images were taken prior to Covid-19. 

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