Where to Get the Best Pizza in Cape Town

Words: Tam Selley

Praise be to the Italians for introducing the cherished cheesy creation that is pizza. And praise be to the modern world for allowing this creation to be found all over the globe. The good thing for Capetonians is that we don’t have to venture very far from our homes to indulge in some of the yummiest. We round up some of the places that serve the best pizza in Cape Town.

Find the best pizza in Cape Town


Best Places for Pizza

A classic favourite amongst pizza lovers, Bacini’s has been around for yonks and it’s not hard to see why. They have been serving up consistently amazing pizzas since 1989, focusing on traditional Italian village preparation methods – cue loud singing and frantic hand gestures. Just kidding. Only sometimes.

This is a family run establishment preparing old family recipes, so it’s obvious that their food is made with all the love and pride. This carries through to the service and atmosphere, which is always friendly and welcoming. All pizzas are baked to perfection in their traditional, village-style clay brick oven, using only fresh produce and their ‘secret ingredient’ pizza dough – ooooh!

Our fave: The Rai with Italian salami, ricotta and avo.
Location: 117 Kloof St, Gardens
Hours: Mon-Sun: 12h00-00h00
Contact: 021 423 6668


The Dog’s Bollocks at Yard

If you can get past their whole schtick of brick-lined digs with quirky accents, then you will absolutely love how delicious their pizzas are. You can really tell they take their pizza game seriously, they claim to be the ‘only restaurant in Africa that makes different styles of pizza under one roof.’

They serve the classic Neapolitan style, New York style, Romano style, and California gourmet. They also use different doughs, different ovens, at different temperatures depending on the style of pizza being served. The variation of the pizzas is so noticeable and so scrumdiliumptious, it’s very hard to pick which style is the best.

Not only is their pizza delicious, but the presentation is also on point. Each pizza is served on a metal tray, with sides that include, black and green olives, garlic, chilli, fresh basil, and some grated parmesan. You will leave this place full, satisfied, and wanting more!

Our fave: The Classic New Yorker
Location: 6 Roodehek Street, Gardens
Hours: Mon-Sun: 11h00-22h30
Contact: 021 461 8134


Love The Dough

This new kid on the block already has a loyal following. Their very pink decor and lighting attracts a crowd, mainly for how instagrammable it is and in this day and age, people will do anything for a good picture. Decor aside, the pizza is actually pretty decent. They offer a variety of different types of pizzas on their menu, including vegan options for those steering clear of dairy. Their crust is soft and chewy, the base is thin in the middle and thick around the edges which gives it a nice crunch.

Apart from pizza’s they offer a wide selection of salads that go perfectly with any pizza you order. The highlight from their cocktail menu is their gin and tonic slushie, so if you’re a gin fan then you must try this novelty drink. All in all, if you are looking for good food and fun vibe then this is the place for you.

Our fave: Classic Margherita with avocado
Location: 101 Bree Street, Cape Town
Hours: Mon-Sat: 12h30-10h00
Contact: 072 145 9988


Ciao Pizza

Their pizza is one of the most authentic Neapolitan style pizza in CPT. They pride themselves in making sure that each component is of the highest quality and that their ratios are perfect.  Can honestly attest to their pizzas being incredible. This pizza might be mostly for take-away but they’ve also got a cute little sit-in eatery as well!

Our Fave: Their pizza Bianca is a total game-changer, 10/10 recommend!
Location: 309 Long Street, Cape Town
Hours: Mon-Sat: 109:30 – 22:30 | Sun: 09:30 – 21:30
Contact: 067 057 3712 | 081 780 6214

ciaopizza.co.za | Instagram 


Brand new kid on the block, they’ve already proven to have some pretty good pizza. Partners and connected to Jarryd’s eatery in Seapoint, this Italian eatery is sure to impress. They’ve got a selection of authentic wood-fired pizzas as well as some delicious pastas on the menu.

Our Fave: Margherita pizza is a sure win! Their gorgonzola gnocchi is also pretty good.
Location: Sea Point, 90 Regent Road
Hours: Mon-Sun :16:00-20:00
Contact: 074 076 0474



Best Places for Pizza

Now, you wouldn’t imagine that a franchise would make it on to the best picks list, but we have always stood in awe of Col’Cacchio for consistently delivering amazing quality pizzas at all of their stores across South Africa.

As far as I can remember, Col’Cacchio has been a family favourite go-to. Their extensive menu, fresh ingredients and delish pizzas that cater to all cultural, flavour and dietary requirements makes it some of the best pizza in Cape Town. We suggest going to their seaside branch in Camps Bay, so that you can enjoy your pizza as you watch the sun go down – ahhhh…

Our Fave: Millamoos Meatball Pizza with basil, meatballs, roasted cherry tomatoes and Italian Parmesan
Location: A number of locations in Cape Town and surrounds – see here
Hours: Various
Contact: See here for contact numbers



Best Places for Pizza

We love Ferdinando’s largely for being named after the owner’s beautiful rescue doggo. If that’s not hook line and sinker material, they also have undeniably delectable pizzas and smile-inspiring artwork, too. But also the doggo.

They offer some of the best pizza in Cape Town we’ve ever laid our hands on – and you’re sure to feel amply looked-after when you see their extensive menu, which caters to all dietary and flavour needs. They offer a whopping 10 vegetarian flavours, and then there is the amazing Vegana (vegan pizza) with so many delicious ingredients, sprinkles and toppings – yum! Do not fear though meat-lovers, there are plenty of equally mesmerising options for you too.

Our fave: The French Prince with camembert, bacon and cranberries.
Location: 205 Lower Main Road, Observatory
Hours: Sun & Mon: 16h00-23h00 (take-away only) Tues-Sat: 16h00-23h00
Contact: 084 771 0485




A hop and a skip over the mountain into Hout Bay will bring you to this one-of-a-kind, delicious establishment. Massimo’s is quite well known for having some of the best pizza in Cape Town and we solemnly vow that this is correct.

Massimo’s is special for a number of reasons – apart from their insanely good pizza, owners Tracy and Massimo also devote part of the sales from a portion of their pizza and pasta options to numerous charities including, but not limited to, the Sunflower Fund, DARG and the Underdog Foundation. Check out their menu to see which meals donate to any of these and a portion of your bill will go to your chosen charity.

Our Fave: the Mafiosa with garlic butter, mozzarella, carbonara sauce, pancetta, mushrooms and basil
Location: Oakhurst Farm Park, Main Rd, Hout Bay
Hours: Mon-Sun: 12h00-21h00
Contact: 021 790 5648


Nonna Lina

Best Places for Pizza

Another classic fave and go-to pizza joint for those doughy cheesy cravings. Nonna Lina has a reputation for having really spectacular authentic Italian food and their pizzas are their main hot-commodity.

Their flagship cosy, little restaurant on the corner of Rheede and Orange is so inviting – always warm in winter and the outside area is great for warm, summer days. This family-run spot offers simple Italian and Sardinian food with complex flavours and perfectly executed pizzas with classic topping options. There are a number of interesting menu picks – also try their artichoke salad. In addition to their original spot in Gardens, they have another restaurant in Seapoint and also sell their incredible pizzas at the V&A food market daily.

Our Fave: the Salmone with smoked salmon, fresh dill, capers and crème fraîche
Location: 64 Orange St, Gardens | 148 Main Rd, Seapoint
Hours: Mon: 10h00-22h00 Tues-Fri: 08h00-22h15 Sat & Sun: 09h00-22h30
Contact: Gardens 021 424 4966 | Seapoint 060 612 3520


NY Slice Pizza

Best places for pizza

This may not be a laanie place to sit down and order a pizza like most Italian restaurants but NY Slice Pizza is unique in street-food style and that’s why we love it!

For tasty, fresh and enormously portioned slices of pizza on-the-go – this is your spot. Although patrons can opt to sit down and snack on their slice, too. This is classic New York style pizza at its best. The dough is made fresh daily and hand tossed to develop that authentic thin and airy crust that is so unbelievably irresistible. They also do free delivery within their store zones, so check which one is close to you. Challenge yourself and order a whole one – we dare you.

Location: 49 Kloof Street, Cape Town | 100 Main Rd, Seapoint | 31 Bird Street, Stellenbosch
Hours: Various
Contact: Kloof Street 021 426 4141 | Sea Point 021 434 3920 | Stellenbosch 021 882 8387



Best Places for Pizza

Ahh, Posticino. Reminds us of a beloved grandmother who gives the best hugs! This humming spot found both in Seapoint and Hout Bay, pulls together an impressive number of patrons every evening and it’s quite simply because everybody loves them, they are known to have the best pizza in Cape Town, and everybody wants a piece of their cheesy action.

The restaurant is classic, old-school Italian, with traditional no-fuss food, full of flavour and love. They have a wonderful selection of pizzas to sink those teeth into and some seriously divine pasta as well.

Our fave: Posticinos with mushrooms, olives, asparagus, green peppers, artichokes.
Location: 323 Main Rd, Sea Point | 6 Main Rd Hout Bay
Hours: 12h30-22h00
Contact: Seapoint 021 439 4014 | Hout Bay 021 791 1166



Best Places for Pizza

While this sunny spot isn’t necessarily a pizzeria, they still serve up some of the meanest cheesy delights, overlooking the ocean.

For many CT folk, this is a popular spot to go to at the weekend for sundowners due to their amazing food, snazzy cocktails and favourable placement on the promenade. Their divine pizzas are made with a crispy, thin base, tasty tomato sauce and are offered in only a few flavours – all amazing. Sip on a Strawberry Daiquiri and treat yourself to their Pepperoni Pizza.

Our fave: Pepperoni Pizza with spinach, olives, feta and sun-dried tomato.
Location: 205 Beach Rd, Sea Point
Hours: Mon-Fri: 11h00-23h00 Sat & Sun: 09h00-23h00
Contact: 021 433 1530


Did our round-up of the best pizza in Cape Town get you dreaming of cheesy goodness? Check out our delicious caulipizza recipe

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  1. If you take the trouble and head out to the Northern Suburbs, there are 2 places you have to check out, 1. Zibaldone 2. Vesuvio. Well worth the visit, great atmosphere, wonderful people and mouth-watering pizza.

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